Mixing Blending Hindu Mantra Or Buddhist Mantra

Hi I need to know if it’s safe to use mantra to clear negative dark energy out of the home while still working with other entities, beings, angels, grimoires? To be specific the modern grimoires might be like The Miracle of New Avatar Power, or The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals.

The mantras might be like Shiva, Shakti, Durga etc.


Ganesha mantra might be better, he’s more of this realm and is also the gatekeeper. :thinking:

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I sing this thing sometimes

it has the cool effect of making me feel good and putting me in a serious spiritual mood. Sometimes I use it as background music when interacting with matters that are adversarial to my path

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I saw somewhere where people used multiple mantra calling Ganesha first. In the past I didn’t have any luck with Ganesha, but then I didn’t know much about mantra and had an altar for Papa Legba in the same space. I think the deities in avatar power are mostly from the Books of Moses but I was just trying to play it safe. If I was in a house again I would just do stuff in separate rooms.

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