We all make mistakes. Big or small. Important or not. We ALL make them. The true test of character comes not from how many mistakes we have made. Rather it comes from how and most importantly if we try to resolve them. The bigger and more important mistakes. The harder it is to resolve. Don’t just give up on your self or your friends because of one mistake. Try to talk to them even when they hurt you. It’s hard and painful but how can we call ourselves magicians or even strong in general if we can’t do at least this


It doesn’t matter how you fell, what matters is how you rise above it.



Who was this even directed at?

There are also some people that need a burnt, annihilated bridge and picket fence between them. Just saying. Sometimes there cannot be forgiveness.

I’m not talking about forgiveness

The thing is the other ones involved also have to be willing to resolve the issue.
If both sides can’t or won’t then there isn’t mucheck you can do. And no one should be a doormat for someone to just walk over.