Misssing girl

I found out today that a girl who goes to my school went missing. I dont really know her personally but I would like to try and figure out what may have happened. They found her bike and cbag and her cell phone laying on the ground near a pond. The pond is clear, they sent divers to check.

And I’m also going to be starting a ritual for 12.12.12 on the 13th moving into 12.21.12. I plan on maybe even evoking azazael. Do you also think e would be helpfull in this along with other things. I also see the phrase alash tad al ashtu? A lot. Is this supposed to be used during a certain part of the evocation?

I remember that he can see the god in everybody. And as a human, I can see that all the experiences we could go theough could give us such a strong want to ascend higher than this place. Unlike a 5d being who I imagine is content with things heh.

And the truth is I wanna be like goku from dragon ball Z. He came from a. Planet of “gods” and was the weakest one but what e had that they didn’t was experienced on a earth and he became the most powerful person.

Of course even with help from entities I want to bring a lot more of my higher self into me. Because by doing that I feel I could even become immortal.

I’m just got into this maybe a year ago and sometimes I have doubts and ask myself if it would be good to drop all this magick and esoteric lifestyle an go back to before like it would be easier. But now that I know and experienced these things I just can’t do that. So I don’t have the book of azazel but, is there some special way of evoking him? Are there any threads discussing that?

And also does anyone plan on doing any rituals this month?

Get a sigil for Azazel and evoke him, just like you do anyone else.