Mission impossible

Hey guys. I have a distant relative and the only friend who is actually loyal and useful. He is an amazing person and i adore him. He is however handicapped. He has muscular dystrophy and has never been able to walk. Although out of all people that i know or ever knew( myself included) he has the most reason to whine and cry he never does. He is increadibly smart and a true achiver. I have decided when i started practicing that if there is a way for me to help him, to do the impossible using magick i will do it. So I decided to embark on a new journey i want to heal him i want him to walk. I know this is a long shot, its impossible but i want to try even if it takes years. If anyone has any ideas i will be very grateful.


While I don’t have any ideas regarding this.
I wish you all the Best on your journey :smiley_cat:


hvala šećeru :slight_smile: (thanks sweetheart in serbian)

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You’re welcome :smiley_cat:

you hang up first :smile:


Archangel Raphael. You can try Marbas as well


Шећеру :slight_smile:

i will evoke both at the same time they helped me with increadibly ease maybe the can help him as well :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile:

nemam cirilice na kompjuteru brate :smiley:

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па добро, може и без ћирилице :slight_smile: мала шала

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znam ja to burazeru :smiley:

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From a planetary and elemental angle here are a few idea’s, from my understanding of aiming these at health issues you want to be as exact as you can be with the target, i’ve only tried this kind of work with my allergies but it worked very well considering how much exposer i was getting daily. And it was a much smaller version of this.

Mars and the sun attack the disease.
Using the sun and saturn to exorcise and banish the disease.

Moon and the sun to influence health.
Jupiter and the sun for increased healing
Mercury and the sun for swift healing.

Elemental wise
Fire and air for purification of body
Earth and water for healing

If you go the spirit route and decide to try and add any of these in the mix work with the spirits on who is doing what so there is no energetic conflict.

Depending on how it is done there could be alot of synergy there. But that is just speculation on my part.I havent worked with any spirits for physical healing.


Don’t use phrases like “To do the impossible” … “longshot” … “try”

You are using acausal methods to hack the causal world into what you want it to be.

Dream of running, hiking, climbing with them and make every detail complete. Write a journal of doing it as well. That will give you the vision to form a vivid intent to hand a given entity.

Also get the opinion of a rekei specialist on what chakra or energy points are blocks.

** Remember … this world is a lie and a prison **

Forget red or blue pill … TAKE THE BLACK PILL…


even though i have achived incredible results its still perfectly ubellievable plus im still practicing for only a year :slight_smile:

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@Jake If all else fails a full possession over multiple days may prove your best option. That’s what one of my favourite grimoires recommends for last minute situations.


Believe in your self, it’s the most powerful thing :slight_smile:

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im not doing possesion anytime soon. im a very cautious person plus im all alone nobody would even exorcise me.

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i agree but thats kind of hard for me at this point.

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You won’t need anyone to as long as you choose the Spirit properly. It’s about trust. If you go into it thinking of exorcism you are doing something wrong.

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how so? i mean i dont have the slightest idea how possesion works i mean i plan on buying mastery series in the future but still.