Missing Cats

Sometimes rituals for wealth make things come about in sad ways. So here I am, in my parents’ house and I had to bring all of my cats. Due to C__ and the fact that people throw away cats, I came with close to 20. For the record, they knew all their names, would come when called, and uh… I’m good at herding cats. Anyhoo.

The old neighborhood is one of large yards, some trees remaining (interlopers are destroying my homeland. Gotta work on that.) and space. Lots of space. So 20 cats as indoor/outdoor shouldn’t be a problem, especially since there’s apparently a large amount of feral cats living just 3 yards down.

But apparently one of my neighbors is a thieving jerk.

The first missing cat was Sweetie Belle: teacup sized, spayed (hey fate handed me lots of cats. I didn’t want lots more cats.), lived up to her name, calico (highly prized in this town). She’d body hug me. I was convinced she was an old soul. We thought: an owl got her.

Then Piddie, her mother, disappeared.

Gangster was found dead in the garbage can.

Hurdy Gurdy suddenly is afraid of all humans.

Mongo disappeared - Mongo is the house baby that I’ve come to for help here in getting back before. He was uncut, and had a planned destiny of being used to breed with one of the remaining silver leaf cats. Currently of that breed, there is only one left in the world that can breed. These cats were bred for intelligence and psychic powers - no I’m not joking. The owner is waiting for her chosen female to mature and have kittens. Our plan: I get one or two of those kittens and help save the breed. Mongo has rare color of eye, is large, sturdy, hardy, and EMPATHIC. He was perfect.

He disappeared for a week. I finally found him yesterday - nervous, unhappy, and neutered.

Tonight my beloved Bullfrog, whom I fed by bottle and loves food as much as his father - is missing.

The suspect neighbors stood in the bushes and whispered to each other while I searched for him.

That’s the rant.

Just GRRRRRR. I’m so upset and thrown off, instead of finding a demon to put a stop to this malicious behavior I can’t focus to figure out whose demonic shoulder I want to cry on!

This situation has it so I can’t travel to shows to make money, for fear of losing another beloved baby.

UGH! Just some people need to take their petty tiny selves and jump into a volcano!

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So you saying you neighbors are the guilty ones? ,Maybe a Camara to catch them .a app to watch you yard,it’s a book by Raymundo Rodriguez which has a few things for cats for proctecion,/ defense,etc to proctecion to cats,


Call upon Bastet. She’s amazing when it comes to protecting cats and also restoring their health.

If you don’t have a statue of her, just print an image representing her. Light a candle (or one candle for each cat, if you can) and some incense, and ask her to protect your cats and keep them safe from all harm. Name each of them and cuddle each during the ritual to show Bastet what you feel for them.

Btw, cats will sense her and enjoy her presence. Don’t be surprised if they gather around the area. They know.

I’ve never heard of this author before. Just looked him up on Amazon but there are no reviews, and the book descriptions are not too descriptive at all.

What type of magick does this author do? Ceremonial? Sigil? Chaos? Goetic?


Form a double team from that pantheon and call upon Mafdet, as well. Not only is she portrayed as feline deity, she is also a warrior for justice and punishes wrong-doers :slight_smile:


You should also put some cameras up on your property. If they can hurt cats, I’d be concerned about what they might be doing if you’re not home.


In addition I would call on Andromalius to sort out who could be behind these doings. In combination with this advice:

It should be made obvious rather quickly, as in my experience Andromalius brings out the worst in someone in the right moment (if there ever is one "right"moment, ha…).

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Yes Camara are the top priority here, the book deals whit magick to proctecion cats from harm.,to bring them home ,and to call bastet cat goddess and a spell you can use to peopls who hurt inocen animals,and a pray wen the pass away,it’s witchcraft,but I note tis you say a cat was neutered,? Tat make me think maybe is 2 kinda of persons here, helping and harming,for now get stones outside you house the way to work etc .blessed,and after 24 hours bury in the cats area for proctecion tell rocks to procte them and if someone wants hurt them ,respond,I know it’s simple,also in tat book is a spell to get justice,kind like karma,

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As well as the obvious police report for animal crurly and keeping them in while you sort this out, in cases like this I go with a strong binding and a death curse.

That sounds terrible but usually works out to your underlying intention, to stop their interest and action in your life.

The binding is to stop them thinking, acting or speaking against you or the cats.

The death curse is to make it so it doesn’t matter to you if they are dead or alive. It can work in positive ways like them getting a new job and moving away. Kings of like voodoo hotfoot powder, which you can get a really good one from one of balgs affiliates BellaBotanicals if that interests you.

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