Misconception of Wicca

I had put in my introduction that I study anything I can. Like Wicca, Satanism, etc. I am not sure why people think Wicca is purely right hand path at all. I think it goes both ways. The Wiccan Rede for an example is treated like a religious code of conduct like a bible or something. Rede just means advice because I don’t read or heard that anywhere that you should not “harm” a person. If one wants to still practice the philosophy of Christianity and incorporate into their wiccan stuff, be my guest. It aint for me. But then again we have mentally unstable individuals who call themselves Wiccan, Satanists, and so on and in my opinion are the ones who give others a “bad name” and use the craft or occult like a crutch unable to get real world results.

So yeah I believe Wicca is basically clumped into the right hand path and it is espouse by the truly mental unstable people. Has anyone else ever considered Wicca isn’t right hand or left hand path?


I was studying witchcraft and performing feats of magic before I had ever heard anyone talk about right or left-hand philosophy. That was back in the days of dial-up CompuServe and AOL, so the vocabulary of the Occult was more spread out.

So yes. I knew plenty about witchcraft before I started hearing about this thing called Wicca. I knew lots of Wiccans before I heard anyone talk about the left or right-hand path.

It’s a crazy world out there. One should probably use both hands, and feet, and their teeth and elbows and whatever else it takes to get by.


I never really considered Wicca to be right or left hand, sure some incorporate one or the other into it while some neither. I just think right hand or left hand doesn’t have to be in everything. When I started energy work/magick I had no need for the right hand or left hand labeling nonsense tbh, but then again I was 8 and even long after I refused to put myself under either.

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All the Wiccans I’ve met have been despicable women (scammers, misandric, self-righteous sluts, etc). Despite those experiences, I tried to learn from their books and online communities and I found nothing that could be applied to my system. Most of those women claim to be “love and light”, but they are troubled as fuck with their own being, and the “oh!, darkness is so evil!” approach is very bad for their mental health. That’s why I don’t like Wicca, regardless of if they are RHP or LHP. I wish there was a minority of people with mental issues in the Wiccan community, but that percent of people is large enough to find the same issues over and over again. That’s why I like this forum, I prefer people wanting their ex back than people struggling so much with their self-steem and sexual-political views.

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MagnusOf Plague,

I like your post and I’m Wiccan. Yes,there are lots of mentally unstable people in Wicca that’s for sure.I’m a solitary. I got involved in Wicca back in the 1980’s and to be honest every time I tried to work with a group the other women in just drove me batty with their political correctness. I’ve never thought of it as a right hand only path.

As for the Wiccan Rede my understanding is that Gerald Gardner came up with that and he could be a bit dicey. As for the 3 fold law, all the evidence points to Doreen Valiente inventing that in the 1960’s. As witches and practitioners of’ Magik we have the entire world of philosophical & ethical thought to guild us if we so choose. On thing I pretty much don’t believe in is Karma. So that;s my 2 cents


Um yeah, I agree with you MagnusofPlague that has been my experience to, and a lot of people also love to associate feminism with Wicca and I do believe feminism and Wicca are separate. Personally im not a feminist but I do believe in women’s right to choose their own life, etc. unfortunately wicca has received a bad rap in that area and promoting women above men. So yes I agree with you , that has been my experience too.

Demeter, that is awesome that you are Wiccan. You definitely are one of the few I ran across that actually have knowledge about the origins of Wicca, especially Rede and the Law of 3 , etc. as I said rede means nothing more than advice, don’t care where it came from. We can adhere or we don’t have to, we are required to rely on our own judgement and decision to do what we will in a situation. As for the law of 3, I guess I can use it personally to my own benefit lol. (yes that is a vague comment.)