Misconception of Lucifer

Besides the dogmatic religions that absolutely muddy up the truth about Lucifer (Enki IMO) why do company’s such as Google (Google Play) use kinda the symbol of Lucifer on their icon? Wouldn’t a spirit dislike to be used on any icon, if not represented correctly?

Or is it just Spirits symbols are just a force that any can tap into and use?

Once again you all are a great community and I appreciate any answers/ thoughts.


What do you mean?

No, actually. It brings in people who are curious about the truth.

Spirits are aware that humans have wild imaginations and don’t really care much about their false depictions. They’ve got more important things to worry about.



Actually, that’s true. Of course, sometimes, they use that energy, without them knowing so.


But it makes sense they have their own agendas they want and don’t care/or know. But I see how Google is great and bad at the same time. But that’s humans for ya

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I think the symbol is just a coincidence. Besides, there are just enough differences for it to not be associated with Lucifer.


I guess I agree.

True! I just was wondering. Anymore some state Lucifer’s the Bad guy and others Yahweh. Now I am obviously behind Lucifer and not Yahweh but you know how the world is: backwards.

Thank you !

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No coincidences. Dont ever let anyone try to convince you that a Big Company as successful as Google isnt reaping the rewards of Black Magick and Demons.

Its obvious they dont like competition and so have certain people watching and spreading disinformation that they are not into Satanism.


All these company’s and celebrities use it and don’t say anything, while the rest are in darkness as slaves to the rest. Either break the chains and use the secret knowledge, or be caged.

Never.Be. Caged

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Regardless if people mindlessly click on something with his seal worked into it, if it has been used and charged for a purpose then it will suit his agenda. I have no doubt google has worked his seal into the google play symbol to pay homage or respect.

Does he care on a personal level if you or I are misinformed about him? No. But he DOES care quite a bit when he is being misrepresented and it works directly against him. He absolutely detests it, MORE than he detests those that know him and work against him. He finds it foolish.


My interpretation of “Lucifer” is that he was a King in Babylon or Mesopotamian that died.
This where a lot of Christians call me a deceiver.
I only really started pointing this out because I tried a whole Right hand realignment thing for awhile.
Really the whole topic of Lucifer opens up a discussion on how the Ancient Greeks influenced all religion and spirituality.

You’d also notice that the four colors used in google’s color scheme correlate to the 4 elements.

But…shit like this is part of the collective unconscious of humanity anyway. Jumping directly to demon magic is a bit reckless considering your mind would be actively looking for it. There’s chances of a bias on that front.


Hahaha… If you didn’t bring my attention to it, I wouldn’t have even known. You have a keen eye.:smile:

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What can I say, the Gods bring all things to light.
Hail Lucifer :love_you_gesture:

From my understanding,
Lucifer was a King of Mesopotamia or Babylon that died.
The word Lucifer only shows up once in the whole Bible.
Although Satan shows up several times; I do not think Lucifer is Satan.
I also don’t believe Satan is the Serpent either.
Three different entities in my opinion.