Mischeivous, Ill Lusions And Gangs


I Keep Noticing When I Do A prayer and call spirits from all directions, that they try sometimes to cause thoughts of fear, i can picture in my head or sense like something is going to grab at me i think the spirit is talking in the astral and i can only see pictures in my mind of whats being said. also other mischevious outlaw pranks happen. ive met a couple women through spell work but it seems as if i always get set up, one woman had a deranged murderous husband these are direct set ups by the spirits. another woman was involved highly in organized crime,i try looking looking up to the air and yelling at spirits during prayer it seems to help


Evoke specific entities instead of calling out to random entities, they all have different intentions and can be pretty mischievous. If you evoke to find a woman you can be very specific on what you want including making sure they are not insane or having a husband.


also how do you keep outlaw spirits quiet sometimes they seem to think my house is the new biker party house.i see balls of light go down the wall ,shadows that dance like there doing the crip dance or some other gang. how can i stop my house from being the local demon bar the ram room


I would banish and put up astral shields. To make the astral shields invoke omnipotence and pour that energy out onto the walls. I think evoking eternity has a banishing in it but I haven’t read it in a while but I’m sure another member would be kind enough to post one on here. After you do all that I would evoke Michael or belial and ask him to keep random entities out of that area.


got to read more of those koetting books. i own banefule and boa. need to read them more. i know koetting has been through hauntings


Evoking eternity, questing after visions, and book of azazel are the best. I sold all of my other copies besides kingdom of flames


why do you have to be possesed by kundalini or pytias to be able to evoke beings like orobas or dantallian, why is divination a must.


ive been looking for k.o.f let me know if you ever want to sell it


so you have to have that divination serpent spirit opening your third eye before you evoke am i correct


I personally have never evoked either one of those entities but in sure you can just use the method in evoking eternity or if they are demons you can use the method from the book of azazel. I will probably never sell my copy, its just too awesome.


I used to have a similar problem as all sorts of shady characters would pop up due to me poking in places while scrying. What I ended up doing was teaming up with a number of badass entities, they keep all the riff raff out now. In addition to that you might want to look into some psychic self defense techniques. And there’s also a high probability some weird astral creatures have attached to you without you knowing it, so you might want to look into removing anything that might be there.


astral parasites man. Those can get pretty nasty. Robert Bruce has some pretty effective techniques for removing these as does Bardon.


my question is how can i evoke if i cannot see the spirit with third eye. can i still see it in the incense. if call a spirit and its energie hovers in the air above me like a huge sting ray how do i get it to come down to talk. or appear in the incense


i cant get a bigger demon to help cause im afraid i wont see the demon. i dont have divination abilities. im afraid ill get attacked demons are very mean tricksters how can i word my charge when reading it to the demon.


If you have that much fear in the midst of all this, are you sure you even need to be here?



well im goin on what ive read besides koetting books .other books say evocation is very serious. im also asking for advice, instead of ridicule thats why im posting in the beginners section.


I ask how you rate the other books you have read comparing the material that E. A. has written…do you place them on the same level…or do you place them above the level of E.A.s material. There comes a time when one needs to realize that making a solid decision based on their past walk is where it is at…

Are you going to be a meek magician? I really do not believe a real magician can walk like that? Are you going to take control of your own life rather than letting other things around you dictate how you are going to live your life??

If the Spirits DECIDE to connect with you…they are going to deal with you according to the attitude you have when you address them…if you walk in fear, they are going to address you in overpowering terms. If you attempt to connect with them as a friend and with respect…you will find they are willing to meet you half way in the same attitude.

Roll up your sleeves and get into the midst of it, and throw the fear out the window. This is where the rubber meets the road…
Sorry, but I am not one to convey great empathy at all…I am just a short sighted, mean ole bastard…(except when it comes to children and animals…lol). Those spirit beings are there to help you…not to kill you…look at them as helpers there to aid you in what you are doing…not to destroy you.

And if those other books show you how dangerous everything is, question why the author wrote what he did…80% of all published material is written to make money for the author…nothing wrong with that at all…that is capitalism…but you need to understand that and be able to see which part is which…

Now…feel free to throw tomatos at me…



i was simply asking if divination is important when evoking opening your 3rd eye. in the book ceremonial magick by christopher s hyatt and jason s black it says the work of ceremonial magick is very unstable and can cause serious health problems and one minor mistake in delivering a charge to the spirit can result in disaster. im getting ready to order evoking eternity from ebay. maybe that will help.


Good Lord, Guy, order two of them…



so your telling me by me asking for advice making sure im prepared is dumb . maybe everyones not as smart as you, maybe you need to come to the beginners room and enlighten people that just dont know as much as you.then criticize them and tell them what they should be doing. i ask for advice not orders, wait isnt this koettings group, maybe you need to go and start your own group and ridicule people that have questions. it seems as you know alot maybe people should listen to you. maybe you shouldnt be here you could start your own group