Mischeif spirits

Since it has been some time since i posted i wanted to talk about mischief spirits.

These spirits seem to take my things and have them disappear and then moments to hours sometimes days, i will find the said item that was missing right in front of me or in my pockets where i looked furiously for the missing item.

Another rather “random occurence” that seems to be constant is the vision of t.v shows and certain portions of t.v shows in question that i will walk in on and view until the moment passes that the segment is over. I have had this happen over the courses of years but i have yet to understand why it happens?

Why would a mischievous spirit take the time to do such things and what would the purpose be for my ascent?

Why would this seemingly harmless form of communication happen?

I still dont know who this is as it could be many " playful spirits" as this is harmless. I just see it as a spirit that enjoys good comedy or television as a whole…