Mirrors - the dark and me the monster

I have looked up Mirrormancy - I dont think that fits but. Let me tell you the story… A few weeks ago I was working on my Shadowself- I went into the restroom lights out and called myself forward… At the time I was working strongly with Dantalion, What came forward was Me but in a very darker self… I watched myself and the scene behind me… I am not creeped out by it I just have not stopped to dive further into what I saw. Or further more the Monster I have looking back at me.

what is this technique called and what book / site would dive further into it.


It’s not really a monster, its basically all the unloved and hated aspects of yourself. These can build up and cause emotional outbreaks because they have been banished to unconscious part of the mind. You job is to go into the shadow aspect and love those aspects, understand those aspects. heal them and finally release them once they are healed.


Oh I loved seeing it… But i want to know more about this whatever process it was I was doing- I saw a video on it called Shadowmancy but I dont think that is what the technique is called.

this was the video https://youtu.be/oD0lDoVsWko

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Alternate self he’s talking about is The Shadow Self. That message i sent you will help you start that journey. lol

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Thank you so much. I really tried finding the answers before I added another silly brick in the wall… of questions.

Awww :cry: what a beautiful idea…

Is it difficult?

I am going to say its difficult if you have childhood past baggage… I have have enough for 2 freight trains, Its scary but eye opening I have just asked that my Kings and Dukes assist me and dont let me loose sight of why I started on this path. To make a better life for my sons. My biggest fear is that I will awaken the I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU BEAST IN ME and I will walk away from everyone. That is kinda why I was asking for directions - because I am so afraid I will leave the best parts of me behind… My amazing boys.


This ancient thread is relevant, and the way it touches on possibilities that did not occur appearing hideous to us is in line with what @kiss-lamia-lilith wrote in many ways:

awesome thank you Lady_Eva

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