Mirror Scrying question

So while I was scyring into my black mirror I noticed nothing happened, (first time doing so) I decided to take a break and afterwords when I close my eyes and I seen some shapes one was a rectangle the second was a what looked like a claw and the third was a half circle.

Just wondering is this normal for scrying?

The idea is to see the images in the mirror.

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I get the idea just when I stopped I seen then incredibly clear, more so then anything else.

Not to be dogmatic but the way I’ve done it, is when I’m gazing in the mirror, eyes open. So, I would say no, but that’s me.

I was wondering if it was some kind of delayed reaction from the scrying.

That, I’m not experienced enough to really say.

Light some incense, some pretty candles. Clear your mind. Look into the mirror… if you are faint of heart. I won’t recommended this…but it’s amaxxxing :smiley_cat:


Turn off the lights by the way…or at least dim them…