Mirror rituals

Do any of you marvelous people know of any rituals that would enable me to see spirits using a normal, everyday mirror? As I am wanting to try an experiment on my next invocation of Lucifer.

There is a popular technique where you stare at your reflection in a darkened room, until it begins to morph into different forms.

Some people claim those forms are past lives, some claim they’re spirits that are around you, and still others say they are simply a hallucinatory subconscious projection brought about by your own bored mind.

Regardless of what they truly are, occult secrets can be obtained through them if you are patient. If not, it is still a neat party trick.

That is interesting you mentioned past lives…I suppose I could do my own past life regression to get the image of person in my past life and then consult Lucifer to ask him if he knows the details associated with a particular person from a past life. Thank you for that information. You have inspired me to create a ritual :grin:

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