Mirror Protection

I have a lot of mirrors in my house, and when I cleanse my spaces I always take the time to charge them.

My favorite is white manilla copal, sometimes i also like to grind in bay leaves. I light my coal and begin fumigating.

The first thing I utilize is what I just consider “the breathe of life.” This is an energetic concept I read about somewhere sometime ago (but pretty sure its something talked about in multiple places, i just dont recollect sources) when I began with poppets, and its become my golden standard. From my breath, I give life and animate. Before I didnt think too much about whats behind it, i just did it to increase efficacy in charging things - giving them life, now I consider it an extension of divine authority as an operator.

Anywho, as I pass by my many mirrors throughout my home, I pause and hold the incense burner close to my lips and breathe with energetic visualization, when it contacts the coal and pluming smoke, turning to fire, and the as the smoke hits the mirror and plumes outward, I envision the fire hitting and expanding outward with the smoke until the mirror is “aglow.” Ive noticed it has started to feel like breathing fire. Anyway, the intention is to deflect, send back, and push away that which means me harm, as well as cleanse the mirror itself. Clean and empower. I like to position mirrors differently in my home - again I have a lot, some for giving more light to my indoor garden, and others with the reflecting in mind. I have mirrors facing all directions in different areas.

Anyone utilize similar techniques? If not, here you go! :smiley::v::fire:


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Sometimes I visualize a ward around mine


Love it, the addition of bay sounds really nice.

I wave the smoke into the areas with my hand, but always with intent and mind-heart-root connection. I rarely do it tbh - I use incense a lot for other things but I don’t think it does anything by itself. I’m not usually concerned about anything here that wants to do harm and I’d notice and deal with it specifically if something got through my wards

It never occurred to me to charge regular mirrors, I only have two and they’re fixed in the bathrooms, I don’t think I’d put effort into those since I don’t use them magickally.

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Glad you enjoyed! This technique is one of the protections apart of a greater network for me. While I do find myself preferring certain incenses such as the simple combo I posted, I am inclined to agree without intent, the incense is less important, though I will say for me with incenses I do find myself intuitively drawn to certain incense for certain things, but it could also have to do with the weight of the scent, rather than the scent itself but i might experiment. Though I do consider the energetic work with my breath to be more important than the incense itself - i think the smoke gives me a visual cue to affix my visualization of the energetic flames. I havent considered the aspects like mind-heart-root specifically, but I do definitely when breathing in imagine the swirling energy coming to my lungs from the base of my spine, though drawing from other areas as well, i guess almost like a vortex pulling. The intent to bestow life/animate the mirror has always been important to me most of all. Guess with the lungs and then breathing Id be using throat? I think thats something to consider more and during my next session, Ill see if I can be more conscious of the areas I want to use to originate and channel the energy that im infusing the mirrors with. Either way, respect! Thank you for the feedback!


Im not the best at leaving my body - work in progress, though I have managed to explore my space enough to see a correlation in the size and appearance of my mirrors compared to when I have spent time charging them. Have you ever tried viewing your wards when out of body?

Got to be careful working with mirrors. Some christians told me that, when they were young kids, they heard that a haunted house had a mirror that a Demon would come through and scratch people… These kids said that mirrors are portals for Demons. ““Just look in the mirror””.
( Nothing personal anyone… Joke is funny ).

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