Mirror painted black?

Hi this may sound like a stupid question but when I moved into my place I found a mirror up on the wall in the cupboard under the stairs, but it was painted completely black, is this done in a ritual or someone just messing around?


I don’t know what its original owner’s intent was - maybe the person was messing around, maybe not. However, you might be able to use the mirror for scrying. Without seeing the mirror, I’d say it depends on how it was painted black. Was the mirror painted black so that it can still reflect like a mirror, only instead of seeing reflections in a silvery surface, you see reflections in black paint? If so, well that’s a quick, inexpensive way to make a scrying mirror.

Maybe try to divine the mirror’s original purpose?

If there is black paint on the surface of the mirror, the front side where it can easily be scratched off, either someone was playing a prank and hoping to scare the next home owner, they had no clue how to make a real black mirror and did it completely wrong, or maybe they saw the movie Mirrors and it forever terrified them of mirrors? It may have even been a religious thing because I heard that some cultures do not believe in the use of mirrors, they think the mirror will trap your soul inside or something like that. So they could have left the mirror there in fear of angering any possible past spirits that resided in the home, but decided to cover it up.

Thanks, it was completely painted black, cant seen any reflection so it must be a prank, or didn’t know what they were doing or fearing of mirrors.