Mirror of Protection

Here I go over the creation of a protective mirror. An item that I have found very useful especially in dealing with malign or malignant energies or beings that are by their very nature dangerous or give off a dangerous field of energy.

Now this method is similar to a method given in Initiation into Hermetics of charging a mirror for protection. The method I present is a more versatile and permanent enhanced method.

A few materials are needed for this mainly a soft cloth and some energetically infused or enhanced liquid to clean the mirror with. You can use any number of condensers or other alchemical mixtures or just simply water or glass cleaner that you have infused with purifying energy and of course the mirror you are going to use.
I recommend for the mirror you use a smaller more portable mirror as this serves a general protective implement to be kept in the main room of your house or temple and as a tool to provide extra security and insurance during evocation practices, especially the more dangerous evocations. So a mirror you can easily move from room to room is a good choice.

Mine was an old mirror I had found a while back.

Now the method of creating it is quite simple but requires a firm grasp on energy manipulation and the energies in question.
The primary energy types you can view by multiple names such as Yin and Yang, Light and Darkness, or Electric and Magnetic, I view them as Primal Light and Primal Darkness.
There is also akasha, void, or spirit that will be used.

So a list of the basic steps.

  1. First clean and purify the mirror with whatever cleaner or water you have prepared and gently dry with the cloth.

  2. Begin to amass just a large amount of basic energy focusing on the intent to unite and harmonize the mirror astrally and physically into a perfect state. Start to infuse the mirror with this energy and see it vibrating into that desired state.

  3. Next in you primary hand start to charge the primordial light and in your secondary hand the dark. Once you cannot hold the energy anymore project it into the core of the mirror’s being and force them to collide and fuse until they produce a uniform third energy that is unrecognizable and fuse this into the mirror’s being.

  4. Command this new energetic matter to spread through the mirror and see and feel it being transformed into a perfect material. Keep repeating the process until you can see and feel the difference that the old mirror is gone and what you have is something else entirely.

  5. Now staying in touch with the mirror load it with the void-like akasha energy. See it being without time and space or dimension but spread infinitely throughout and outside. Give it the very clear command to protect you from all malign and malignant energy and intent and allow no malign energy to enter or leave its radiance unless it is by your command but instead to ground out, disperse, and reverse, all such energies. Focus on the thought of perfect protection that exists in a paradox of being outside the laws of time and space but also within them and that it will protect you, all your circumstances, and those close to you that you care about and anyone whose image you cast into the mirror.
    It is important that you specify that by your command that you can send in and out any energy you wish or the mirror will act to nullify any curses or similar efforts unless you put in that exception.

That is the general process and you will want to daily dust the mirror and reaffirm its purpose. Once a week you will want to wash the mirror with more of the charged water or solution and give it a charge of energy to maintain its form. It is already powerful but will grow even more so over time.
Now to cast someone into the mirror and so extend its protection specifically to them as well as yourself you will want to structure them in your mind and form their image and personality until you feel a strong solid link established to that person and then you project them into the mirror and see them as a reflection within being bathed in the mirrors astral light and tell the mirror to guard them as it does you. This can also be extended to objects or properties if desired.
When used as extra protection in evocation you will place the mirror in the middle between yourself and the triangle. This is helpful when dealing with beings whose very presence is destructive or malign entities that cannot be dealt with on friendly terms and renders them powerless except in defending themselves or any leave you give them to act while they are within the mirrors presence.
Examples of such beings include gods of death whose very presence is sickening and debilitating, certain more feral and violent types of demonic, elemental, or planetary entity. Intelligences of destructive and violent aspects, or even normal spirits whose domains bring an energy that you do not wish to inadvertently infect those nearby outside of whatever deal you work out.


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