Mirror fell and smashed

So I burnt dantalions open sigil a few days ago and some other demonic seals and today while I was out my large mirror in my room fell and smashed to pieces.

I’ve had the sigil open for the past year with no purpose behind it and Ive felt more clear headed.

Around the same time I also created a servitor that feeds on sunlight and negative energy around me and I’m wondering if it’s clearing old stagnant energy out of my home and that’s what the mirror smashing symbolised.

Can anyone weigh in on this for me?

Honestly it doesn’t sound like more than a coincidence. Nothing you described should bring that kind of bad luck.


It wasn’t latched on to the wall it’s a standing mirror. It was leaning back at a 60 degree angle so how did it fly forwards and land on its front?

It can’t physically fall forwards unless and force was acting upon it.

No idea, I wasn’t there, but from what you described, there’s no reason to think these are connected. Not everything has to be all spooky. :woman_shrugging: :smiley:

Mirrors can be portals to the other Side. There are spells you can do with the shards of these mirrors. It might be broken through prayings from certain groups then you need to work on protection of your space.