Mirror evocation failed- why?

I evoked an angel to ask questions about something, and I figured I would try to evoke them using a scrying mirror. I had scryed in the past and figured it was to time to use it for an actual evocation. I worked through the ritual, and gazed into the mirror, and called for the spirit to appear, and saw nothing. I tried again to see them, and unable to do so, I repeated the conjuration. After still not seeing anyone, I started to panic slightly, and called out a simple conjuration asking the spirit to be come appear while gazing at their sigil. Almost immediately, I “saw” the spirit appear in the room and began to converse with them.

Any ideas why I couldn’t see the spirit in the mirror? I saw him quite plainly in my mind when I looked away from the mirror and simply asked him to be present.

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Not a clue, sorry. I have spirits that are as close to me as my own beating heart and they will often show up unannounced and demand my attention, but every so often when I call them deliberately – crickets. Not a hint of any response or presence.

So, no idea why. Especially since in your case it sounds like you were in an altered state of mind enough to be able to perceive them.


Maybe he wasnt feeling safe to present himself in a mirror


From what I know spirit vision occur in our minds eye. And then we project it to the mirror/incense of manifestation but it so fast that is hard to figure it out.

A way to know this is even if you see the spirit on the mirror but if you look away on any point inside the room you will see the spirit. So clearly as if it appears on the mirror.

And not just vision but even the voice, once I heard it, it was not coming from the mirror but All around me. This proves that mirror is just a point where you focus the vision that appeared on your minds eye.

There was a time I was under a psychic attack, when I woke up from sleep (it was night the room was dark) I saw the spirit gazing at me but the vision was blurry so I slide up my blanket and gaze at it, and I saw the spirit it changed from tiger to human (it was shamanic I guess because the attack was a shaman just a novice one)

A point to note, I used blanket as a point of focus if the spirits appears only in mirror then I was supposed to had a mirror to see it. And those who have visions while they wake up they will agree with me, you see something without any means of manifestation you wake up and boom, surprise!!

So if you didn’t see it on the mirror don’t worry what you should train is your minds eye to see spirits clearly whether there is means of manifestation/not.