Mirror box, a different theory

I’ve read a lot about mirror boxes and using them to reverse the works of someone or something specific.

I was wondering however, as I’ve also read a lot about one method of protceting yourself being mastering the visual of yourself wearing mirrored armor. Now I struggle with images ( ok I just can’t st this time but working on it.) so I was thinking that maybe using a mirror box reversed would be something to consider.

What I mean is instead of putting a picture / personal item of the target and surrounding the target with mirrors, putting something from yourself in the center with the mirrors with facing outwards.

I’m not sure I described the thought well, but I definitely know what I mean! Any thoughts or input as to whether or not this would be viable?


Give it a try.

My own thoughts on it however are that it wouldn’t be very effective. The two things you are describing are different in how they symbolically use mirrors. The use of a mirror box is to send something back along the connection. The mirror armor imagery is to create a defensive aura type of thing. If you created a strong enough link to yourself, so that your object in the center of the box acted as a standin for you it still wouldn’t be exactly the same, since the mirrors on the outside would not actually be interacting with the spell.

There are lots of different ways that mirrors can be symbolically used, but as with many such things they don’t often play nicely with one another.

Other ways to deal with protection. Sever ties to the things that are connected to you periodically, such as hair and nails and pictures, divorce them from yourself. I’ve also heard of using a witch’s bottle with pictures of yourself in them so that if someone uses that specific picture then it gets redirected. Alternately there is the idea of sanctified space, where you use purification and ritual to make a physical or temporal area so focused on a specific task that anything else stands out and can be easily eliminated. Lots of ways really.


Interesting and yes I know it wouldn’t be all powerful if at all. I Have just been having this feeling I needed to do something, and the visualization stuff is a struggle atm. It was an idea but I can see faulty indeed.

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I see visualization as just a tool. If you have a hard time with it, you should of course work on it, but there are other ways as well. Not everyone is a visual thinker. Of course the subconscious can’t understand words very well either, so probably want to stay away from those. However, you can generally feel energy and use the feeling of it moving around as a way of symbolically communicating. Or use physical props, like written symbols, sounds, colors and the rest. Or kinestetic things like ritual actions, kuji-in and the dances.

I’m not trying to say that it’s all mere symbolism, it’s not, but if your biggest hurdle is visualization then there are a lot of things that completely throw it out the window and still work just fine.


Point taken. Thank you. More research to do lol! Swear that’s all I do anymore. Read. Think research, Then re research!

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