Minor/major setbacks after spell casting


I have noticed after spell casting with some of the infernals(Lucifer, Belial) i have experienced setbacks(car broke down, receiving bad news, having to move out of my apt etc)…is this normal??? I notice when i work planetary spells i don’t have this experience…majority of the spells do manifest(with both infernals, planetary spirits)…can someone please explain this to me…last night my car broke down(i think it is just the starter, nothing major)just hours after Lucifer candle finished(i did a beauty spell the day before)…thanks to anyone who reads this post and respond.


Did you try banishing and cleaning ? Sometimes spiritual work attracts negative energy around.


No, i did not…i also was told i need to clear my mind out…thanks for responding


Oddly enough this kind of thing has also happened to me… setbacks in exactly the things I aimed to develop.
Like my relationship, work, etc etc etc…
I think it’s just a slow learning curve that we have to exercise inner strength to overcome, it seems like a lesson we’re given. I’m stil figuring it out


In my opinion. This is different. If the setbacks are exactly the same things you aimed to develop, then you’re doing something incorrectly in the spellcasting process. For example, lust for result after the spell. And you will overcome that by gaining more experience and practice.

But if there are negative events or general bad luck happening, unrelated directly to the intention of the spell, then it’s probably negative energy that needs banishing.


It is a clear sign that the deity you have evoked will not accede to your castings and they are showing there displeasure.


The spells did manifest…and i ended up getting more than what i asked for…but i think i will start banishing for now on…i’m noticing a pattern.