A memeber of this forum once mentioned that he would sometimes feel “minions” jumping on his bed. What did he mean by that? What are “minions”? Ever since he said that, it’s been bugging me ever since.

Can you find the post and link it, that might allow us to shed kjore light on it?

I mean, minions is a term, but also a rather nice chewy sweet with gelatine, which is good for hair and nails.,… :wink:

“Do your ladies ever make gurgles out of your stomach that sometimes sound like voices and words such as “no” or “yeah” or grunts ect.? Sometimes these strange voices come out of my mouth unexpectedly as I yawn or dose off.” -Me

"I’ve never experienced that. But there have been “gassy” sounds from my stomach, but that was a part of cleansing the body from gasses and other unwanted things in the body, before important rituals as a part of bonding together. When that occurs, a “swirl” is made and put on your stomach, and all unwanted gasses in your body is vanished. It was an awesome experience and the feeling after the cleansing was relieving.

Maybe there is some sort of communication, after all? Never see communication as something limiting to our 5 normal senses. Spirits use whatever they think we can comprehend at a certain time. Eventually, it will evolve." -anonymous

“Does your bed often shake suddenly and sometimes violently during the middle of the night as you try to sleep?” -Me

“Not for me. But I feel their movements and full weight when they lay next to me on the bed. Sometimes they even jump on my bed, and even some “minions” have jumped on my bed too, a few times. It’s actually very enjoyable and fun to experience. At least for me, anyway. :)” -Anonymous

I just copied and pasted the conversation

Yes a description. Otherwise I will think Minions looks like little Imps with Pitchforks and forked tails

It is bad that when I think of minions I think of Despicable Me?

Think of how I felt. It’s been bugging me ever since. Does anybody have any clue as to what he meant by “minions”? Is anybody else interested as well?

No, but only because I was thinking the same thing. I also thought about those elves or whatever from Communion.

I think it refers to something I mentioned about spirits “jumping on my bed”, some years ago, right?

“Minions” is, for me, playful spirits that just like to entertain themselves and everyone nearby. Like jumping on the bed like it is a trampoline. I feel them from time to time. They’re seems to be childlike small, and their hands are proportional to their small bodies. They’re pretty curios entities, and they can be physical just to get attention. They seem to be a lot of them in the astralplane and they can get crowdy.

My spirits explained that the “small ones” can act as a “servant”, yet they are free to serve anyone they want…if they want to serve, that is. If anyone of you seen a picture of a “succubus” with a minion next to her before, there seems to be something with it.

Yeah it was sometime last year i think.

That’s very fascinating and interesting. I haven’t yet seen a picture of a succubus with a minion in it but I’m interested in finding a picture and finding out what that “something” is that’s with it.