Mini Lesson: Is It A Spirit Talking To Me? Or My Own Inner Voice?

I have literally had 4 people ask me about this in the past month so to save myself some time of retyping this over and over, I thought it may be beneficial to others to post it publicly for all who may be interested.

I get many people asking me why they seem to only have one sided conversations with spirits because they are new to magick or they are not new but even after months of practicing evocations while others seem to be having 2 sided conversations in just 6 months of practice they have been at this for 1-2 years already and still don’t get it but are too embarassed to come forward and ask others for help because the others know how long the person has been practicing magick and that everyone else expects them to be on the same level of development by now and if they are not, something must be wrong with them. They are too afraid of being made fun of. A lot of people come to me when are they afraid to ask something publicly.

Most of us start out by only hearing the spirit as a voice inside our head with takes on the form of our own voice, it sounds just like our inner voice or conscious as some people call it which is why so many people doubt what they hear because they hear it as if coming from their own inner voice and think their mind is making everything up but the entire time they were indeed communicating with the spirit. The hard part is learning to trust your gut instincts so you can tell when the spirit is talking and when it is indeed your own thoughts taking over and telling you what you want to hear.

Sometimes we are so happy to hear a spirit tell us what we wanted to hear that when it does, we doubt it and think nah, that was just me talking. But eventually when you learn to develop your astral senses (sight and hearing) which is necessary to hear and see the spirit in any form outside of your mind, you cannot hear a spirit outside of your mind in your external ears and you cannot see a spirit outside of your 3rd eye in your external physical eyes until such skills have been fully developed and perfected. But with enough practice you can eventually hear the spirit talking to you just as clearly as you would hear another human and you can see them with your physical eyes if the spirit has a base to manifest in such as incense smoke, a black mirror, a water scrying bowl, etc.

But early on, the reason why so many new magicians cannot hear the spirit with their physical ears is because the spirit has to literally over exerpt themself to speak in a way that the newbie can physically hear which uses up too much energy, which is the reason why most new magicians do not hear the spirits talking in their own voice outside of their head but as that magician becomes more developed and has fine tuned their psychic abilities it takes little to no effort on the part of the spirit to the magician in an audible way which is why the more advanced magicians talk about experiences as if the spirit literally talks to them like another human while the newer magicians are like, do what?

Usually there are stages of progression that most magicians follow when developing their senses, although some who are sensitive to other worldly shifts may bypass some of these steps and skip ahead. Normally these stages progress as follows.

The Magician:

  1. Hears the spirit speaking to them inside of their mind but it sounds like their own inner voice and is very often confused as their own thoughts wandering and telling them what they wanted to hear as opposed to what the spirit is actually saying.

  2. Learns ways to tell if the inner voice is indeed the spirit or their own thoughts and this will differ per each person as to how they ‘know’ the difference so there is not any ‘one’ sign of knowing that I can provide.

  3. Starts to hear the spirits actual voice inside of their mind, no longer sounding like their own inner voice and begins to have telepathic conversations with the spirit.

  4. Starts to hear an occasional external voice making the magician search for outside sources of the voice. (i.e. I could’ve sworn something just told me to ‘search within myself’ but maybe the kids left the Tv on in the other room or maybe my ear was ringing and I imagined it.)

  5. External voices start to become so clear that it is apparent to the magician that what he/she hears is not imagined, not a result of the Tv, not a result of the fridge making some strange noise that just sounded like possible voices talking. At which point the magician may choose to converse with the spirit either externally or internally via telepathic means.


I just posted this in response to someone else but I realized it would be good to post it here too as this may help some of you learn to spot when a spirit is about to speak to you externally and outside of your own mind.

I hear high pitched frequency noises sometimes when a spirit is trying to communicate with me, like when someone who is wearing a microphone clipped to their shirt gets too close to the external speaker that it’s connected to and you hear that Screeeechh…squeeeel…noise that makes everyone quiver in their skin like nails on a chalkboard, except on a much more softer and toned down scale, it doesn’t hurt my ears at all, it is tolerable but just weird because I first lose the hearing completely in one or both ears like I’ve gone deaf for a moment then followed by this high pitch squeel, followed by a static or whispering noise.

Lately when I hear that starting to happen I stop what I’m doing because I know something is trying to tell me something so I try to be quiet so I can listen.


This has started to happen to me recently. Just the other day I felt the breathe of someone in my ear as the whispered my name twice

I actually heard a male voice shout at me last night while going to the store.I looked around to see who it was but saw no one.Later that night after falling asleep i woke up chanting in an unknown language to me.I still can’t remember the chant but i was probably possessed for a brief moment.I don’t know what the hell was but it was weird.