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Then that is a conservation that needs to be had and boundaries to be set. Remind me, as I have a lot on my own mind, have you gotten the three of cups in the past readings?

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Yes, I’ve gotten that a couple of times. Not alot but a couple of times.

well, three of cups is traditionally called the “marriage” card, ironically enough. I completely forgot that part.


Oh. My lack of knowledge with tarot is amazing. I got that card (1st reading on this thread is an example) a couple of times and now I realize that @Healing_Heart has drawn that card as well.

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I don’t know everything with tarot either my friend. It is a lifelong study. But yeah, discussion is needed at this point.


So either she’s been offering me this for awhile now and I’ve been completely oblivious or… I dunno.

Yes it has been a journey - but tarot is an amazing practice. Very insightful.

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-shrugs- I am not sure. I do not have a spiritual marriage, only pacts. That’s all new territory and not sure how that works. But many here are more knowledgeable on the subject than I am.

Interesting note, my ring has been having some activity during this conversation and it is actually pretty warm atm.

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The one you said was something about Lilith?

Well I know Succupedia is married to Lady Lilith…don’t know if anyone else besides him on this forum is.

the ring with her sigil binded to it, yes.

And I am not sure either

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Hmm…might have been her responding/reacting in some way. Or her energy dunno.

November 19th, 2020

Question : What does having a spiritual marriage with Lady Lilith involve?

Basic 4 card spread, top card being main factor/theme - bottom 3 cards being details or smaller factors.

Temperance: This card is a card of balance, healing, and renewal. The sense I get with this card and that there will be a lot of healing of the past and present, and balancing of myself (internal) and my life (external). This is a very positive card overall.

The Hermit: This card I think relates to the Temperance card, in that it speaks of having to go within. To stop looking for reassurance/etc from the external world and learn to find what I need within to feel whole. It’s a card of patience as well. The light (candle) also shows that this marriage partnership will also help me find my own light. I feel it’ll be a long journey. If I choose to take it.

5 of Cups: reversed This card speaks of letting go - for me personally this means of alot of the trauma I have sustained (many years worth), and all the other things I am still holding onto that don’t serve me well. The card itself feels sad, but it also feels like a card of recovery.

The emperor : reversed Since it is reversed, instead of paternal I get maternal feelings from this card. So a mother-son type feeling and a healing + teaching in the manner of emotional maturity.

All in all, this resonates strongly with me. The messages and cards all speak true to things I know I need to work on, and the temperance card has come up with my tarot readings on Lilith before. So I feel this is true.

November 22nd, 2020

Question: Would my lady be okay with me having an open relationship with her, and Lilith?

Basic 3 card spread, NOT past/present future.

Mother of Swords: My first impression off of this card is protectiveness. The sword and owl gives me this vibe. The owl is ready for action (sword) but is sitting still and observing. Perhaps a maternal feel to.

Cards actual meaning : Sharp, Perceptive.

6 of Swords: This card gives me the impression of blockages or possible conflict due to the swords scattered in the darkness, but the rainbow gives hope. And is shining alittle light even within the darkness.

Cards actual meaning: Hope at last, travel

2 of Pentacles: The infinity sign, And butterfly feel positive. However the pentacles makes me think of materialistic gain, money, or even partnership.

Cards actual meaning: balance, change.

Overall I’m alittle unsure, I’m getting a neutral vibe towards this that could go both ways

@C.Wilson curious on what your input is, I’m going with a nuetural feel but also feel it wouldn’t be her first choice as in not preferred. I’ve decided not to rush into the marriage pact with Lilith and decided that a “dating period/open relationship” would be wiser to “test the waters” for compatability/etc. And of course wanted to divine on how my lady might feel about this.

I decided to divine this because even though when I communicate to my lady about this and she seems “alright with it”…I do remember she’s been defensive when Lilith has come over been close to me.

Overall, I would agree with you. The presence of swords being the majority tells me that communication is key with this. Owls, as we discussed, are a symbol of death as well as wisdom. A perspective will die here.

Sixes tend to be a resolution of a conflict, so open communication will be a way to get passed the tension as of late, and bring a sense of hope.

Twos are indeed balance, that constant back and forth to avoid extremes. With the pentacles, i normally would agree with a focus on more physical matters. With this, i get more that you will find a sense of stability. Butterflies are deeply associated with change, as they go through an entire metamorphosis throughout their lives. Taking the time to enjoy the beauty seems important.

Overall, not a bad reading.

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I did notice all the symbology but I had a hard time connecting it to the question I was asking. The swords seemed obvious to me. I just don’t want to cross boundaries with my lady and hurt her feelings, since I do care about her very much.

And I know the first time she didn’t react to well when I first met Lilith (she was defensive towards her).

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That is where communication is important.

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Hmm so perhaps the reading was saying that I need to have good communication with my lady (and Lilith) if I proceed with this decision (or even to find out if she’s okay with it beforehand). Then that I will need to balance the relationships and help with the stability as well as to find a balance. And maintain it.

Or something like that.

Yup. Not an easy feat, but not impossible either. You will just have to be honest.

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Well yes, but luckily for me relationships aren’t 1 way streets. However you are right.

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November 24th, 2020

Question: What type of spirit is my lady?

In this reading I’m looking for symbology that might indicate the general or even specific type of spirit my lady is, after some recent confusion.

The World: Cycle, Completion, stars, Circle, oness

10 of cups: lines, threads, cups, colorful, circle, web like structure.

Ace of Wands: Nature, wood, flower, growth, colorful and bright, red/yellow/white, 1

Son of Cups: R - Cup, darkness (vibe), swan, male, reversed, quiet, reserved, intense.

@DarkestKnight hope you don’t mind, I @'d you because you helped me last time And have more experience with this type of reading then I do.

@Velenos just adding since you were part of the conversation within the thread.

I’m alittle clueless on what type of spirit the cards could be indicating. Earth and nature seem prevelant in the spread. Since you know “The world” is the main theme/factor card…

Also note, I didn’t do the reading based off the meaning of the cards as they usually are but the symbology of them that could indicate things like elements/etc.

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November 24th, 2020

Question: How/What is my relationship with Lady Lilith currently?

The Tower: This card feels like a big change, that may be hard/painful but is necessary for growth. Sorta like a rebirth - going through the destructive phase of the rebirth.

5 of Cups - R: This feels sad, but not without hope. I feel this represents moving on, moving forward. Something she is helping me do. From things in the past.

3 of Cups - R: Confused, but not getting a horrible vibe. Seems more neutral.

3 of Pentacles: This card represents the mountain I am having to climb to attain/reach my goals. Also represents the journey and trials - as well as movement.

Note: I had the feeling at first to not do reversed but also felt maybe both meanings are important…like the two cards that are reversed, to look at both their reversed AND upright meaning. The two R cards came up reversed but my hunch at first told me to look at upright meaning, then reversed meaning.

@C.Wilson got that 3 of cups again, it does seem to “pop” up alot with my tarot readings with Lilith. Just remembered what you had said about the 3 of cups.

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