Mind Reading and its Ethics

Everyone had thought about how good it would be to read minds one day. Find out the secrets, thoughts, memories etc. of others. From today no one could lie to me, I will know who likes me or dislikes me, or what other people think about me. I can keep track of my kids or find out how much my co-worker who I don’t really like is earning at the moment. This is the thinking of a 5 year old child. In Magick, the power of mind reading is distinguished in a completely different way. This ability is a power that comes with responsibility and must be used consciously.

Those who have studied under a proper master or company / order and represent the light are usually subject to the condition that they read in a person’s mind whether the person in question actually allows it. Those on the side of light are always driven by empathy and goodwill in reading thoughts, never by curiosity, malice, control. Such despicable, petty motives are condemned from afar by them, in fact they refrain from reading thoughts out of self-interest to the maximum.

If I think about that the other party deciding subconsciously if he lets it, I can use common sense and being cautious to opt for a cleaner solution if I don’t want to be intrusive to people.

How is the black magickian different in this area? How far can he sink downwards with this power? The black magickian, sensing the weight of his power, consciously decides when to abuse it. He senses when one person does not allow his thoughts to be read, but with his magickial sense he is able to penetrate this barrier and yet find out his thoughts. Although every human being has the right to secrets and privacy, this level of abuse as a black magickian usually happens on occasion.

When is this all starting to turn unacceptable to even a black magickian? If we do not treat our power with maturity, wisdom that is not even suitable as a black magickian, and we lose our consciousness in this field, there are many possibilities of slopes, with the chances of developing personality disorders.

The going downwards actually begins when the black magickian deviates from exceptionally looking into a person’s mind for knowing what he or she is thinking now secretly (a dark act for a few seconds). He becomes more interested in his individual interests and what information he can obtain for his purposes. For black magickial manipulation, the pursuit of power in life in general or merely for a better control in a conversation in his private life.

You can also go towards a bad direction because of curiosity if you start to linger on other peoples privacy, secrets, memories for a longer period of time. The reason for your curiosity can be boredom, lack of self-confidence (for e.g.: „Do other people have the same fears I do? Do other people take medication too? Are other people shy about going to the beach with a few extra pounds? Am I the only one viewing strange porn movies sometimes?”). In these cases, the development of some personality disorders is inevitable. For example, in the case of a lack of self-confidence, we build really instable psychological supports to self-justify (“I’m still okay”).

When reading a thought out of boredom, an increase in the usual length of time can cause mental confusion. It is important not to be curious about ethically highly questionable topics (e.g., someone’s financial situation, health, family, and private matters) even as a black magickian, because following this habit can lead to severe schizophrenia, the problem of distancing oneself from the physical plane, and anxiety about this little dark secret habit.

Another issue is mistrust. Is the store salesman lying to me? Does the gardener work properly? Does Isabelle really not want to come to this party? As a magickian, with the wisdom of this archetype, we must, after a time, overcome the fact that people are full of imperfections, that they try to assert themselves in communication with people in the same way as we do, they cover up mistakes and secrets in the same way and accept this. A true magickian never stumbles upon this, but views these generalities arising from human nature objectively, neutrally.

To read a thought, and to be surprised, or outrage on it, or in the worst case scenario take revenge for it is because one man is lying is the most childish thing anyone can do. Being offended by a thought can be a strong enough indicator that I am not consciously doing this activity and need to stop it (see the section on psychiatric disorder later).

If at any time a white magickian were to ask, “Are you reading my mind at the moment?” and the answer does not pose a risk to the persons mental health, he can answer it honestly without any problem. This power can also be used with spine. After all, whoever really represents the light in our present example was obviously not driven by a selfish interest, curiosity, malice, so he can easily assume what he did specifically and why. “You let me do that, I tought I could help you that way, sorry if I misunderstood that.”

For a black magickian, it is important not to read thoughts while manipulating, but rather to grasp any missed opportunity to improve his skill of knowledge of mankind and influence skills. Because if you rely on thought reading at manipulation in order to keep your control, then this abuse also leads to some personality disorders (a kind of degradation, grinding, repetitive thoughts, heightened fears of leaving our unhealthy support of tought reading for manipulation).

Even in our conflicts with black magickians, it is not necessary to supplement our defense with paranoid mind reading. If we do find it difficult to let go of this, however, be sure to introduce ethical standards for ourselves, such as not rummaging through my opponent’s private life. This also reduces the risk of irritating the opponent. It is very important that we also include conflict management as one of the branches of modern psychology to resolve our conflicts. Medieval battles, whether lasting years or lives are no longer have to belong to what a modern magickian does.

Excessive reading of thoughts out of curiosity or other reasons can also lead to a form of psychiatric disorder. If the magickian slowly moves to the point where he does not have to be conscious when reading thoughts (he does not grasps the weight of his power and thus misuses it irresponsibly, childishly) then a subconscious ability belonging to mind reading begins to degrade in the mind. The sense of whether the other person allows thought reading or insight into his subconscious will build down. It simply wears out and the magickian will no longer be able to judge this to self-regulate himself.

Strangely, in this psychiatric disorder, the magickian begins to over-identify with the other persons thoughts, and then after a while, the boundary in his perception breaks down to distinguish one’s thoughts from his general perception. It’s like starting to strangely identify with the other persons thoughts through a magnifying and at the same time distorting glass. The most startling version of this is when a black magickian can be offended by a thought, reacts with a fierce emotional reaction, or, in the most outrageous case, takes revenge for a thought.

Appropriate self-work on our ethics at tought reading (same principles in Adam Valentins Black Alchemy book) for a black magickian can consist of several techniques. Be sure to write down on a piece of paper the list of your ethical principles and clarify within yourself the respect for the free will of others too in this area. If you discover psychiatric disorder in this area at yourself, you should stop tought reading immediately. Otherwise, it can be an excellent practice to walk down the street deciding not to look into the minds of other people this day. “I could actually read their mind, but I won’t do it now.” I clarify to myself my power (opportunity) and responsibility in this regard for greater ethical improvement.

If I secretly abuse this power at home in the evenings, e.g., looking around at the lives of the friends of mine, I can give up this habit gradually. It is important that we treat this power ethically within our family too, never using it for control, monitoring, overregulate our child without his or her permission.

The ability to sense whether the other person will allow you to see inside him can be rebuilt. A solution can be to consciously pay attention to this again (if we forgot to), and through sustained conscious attention, this sense begins to re-emerge in us. I am conscious, I sense his will or permission, I look into his mind and I stop. It is important that we do not abandon our consciousness at this power. I pay attention to thoughts neutrally, without judgment, never for long periods or out of impulsive emotional motivation.

We can also introduce a “3-second rule” as an ethical principle so that getting into the minds of other people does not become our bad habit.

In fact, if the other person doesn’t allow it, even a black magickian doesn’t need to use his power. He can safely strive for maximum level of ethics (not even necessary for manipulation).

We must never forget that for a Magickian, Silence is a law. Under no circumstances should we ever communicate to an uninitiated on the basis of thoughts or secrets we have seen, no matter how much we are driven by self-justification, bragging or whatever reason. Anyone who is moved by such a motive is probably not using his power properly anyway, even if he is a so called black magickian.

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Wonderful! Now, the only thing missing is, to teach us mind reading :slight_smile:


Very informative about the struggle of the power it brings, I second TheJimy please teach some techniques. But also what struggles have you ran into for mind reading myself I find that used o not sure if still do project my thoughts pretty loudly and the more energy I seemed to have the louder it would get I’d have random people sit next to me while reading a book then they would tell me it’s because they liked listening to me read the book. Any tips for how to select what gets sent, I’ve also been driving befor at a stop and a dad points to me infronvof his son and says some like him don’t even realize there doing it.

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Any self-initiation book like Franz Bardons will do it. :wink: