Mind Manipulation Lwas

Hi Guys,

I was searching online for quite some times regarding a Lwa equivalent of Sitri, Ladilok, but most importantly, King Paimon, which means not only “lust” manipulation, but also normal manipulation.

Santeria or Voodoo.

Any idea?

Why do you want a lwa or Orisha if it not iniated you won’t get results. Your better off working with a demon.

Just like there is no one demon of all mind control,there is no one Loa of mind control.

King Paimon doesn’t do love because King Paimon isn’t a mind control demon.He just controls thoughts,NOT emotions,both of which are only two parts of the mind and its mechanics.

If you are stuck on which Loa can do what then use the two golden rules of Vodoun:
1.Ask Papa Legba to help you do it.
2.If Papa Legba doesn’t do that,ask who can.

Everything in Vodoun runs through him(well,almost everything),so I’d advise taking it to him.

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