Mind Fuck

Mind Fuck

I’ve posted before about the importance of putting a zap on your head and thereby fucking your cherished, long held, often subconscious paradigms. I seem to post and re-post on the same basic issues, but there are newbies – so here goes again:

The lhp is you - an isolated, individual, self-chosen, self-conscious, growing deity. The rhp is you as conformist drop, who will become part of the great ocean of god – when you die and drip into it. Both are each very powerful paths, but both have opposite ideologies and techniques.

Let’s be honest, the society - notice I didn’t use the word ‘community’? - in which you ‘live’ is fucked. There are various reasons. You are also fucked of various reasons, not least of which because you have five, very limited senses. Then there’s mass education and all that early conditioning – often delivered via corporal punishments.

Mind fucking can be accomplished via laughing at the most inappropriate things – like war, starvation, death and/or paedophilia. At first you’ll have to force yourself to laugh, but with conscious practice you’ll be surprised just how fast forced laughter becomes real.

When you find yourself desperately trying to hide a wicked smile that emerges whilst you’re smothering your own belly laugh and everyone else is horrified you’ll have achieved a degree social alienation – both internally and on a pedestrian level. You and they know you’re not like them anymore and that’s a satisfying achievement. You’ll definitely and quickly notice profound changes in who you thought you were together with an increased freedom for personal development via insights gained. You’ll also sense an unease manifested in those around you: even if you don’t laugh.

Anyway, as I always stress – keep notes and all of us informed as I’ve just skimmed the surface so to speak.