Mind changing for marriage?

I want to change the mind of someone I love.We are seeing each other,we’ve known each other for quite some time now but its not officially a relationship yet.

I have been doing some love attraction work on him and he is ever since very much attracted to me now,but only sexually… i do actually feel,that he loves me.

But i want to take things to a higher level.I want him to change his mind,see the wife potential in me (which everyone tells me i do and i know i do) and i want us to get married.

Which spirit should i summon for this ? Because i know there are some for manipulation…but not sure,which would be the best for my situation.

Thanks a ton !

It sounds like he has some insecurities.Maybe you can change them and make this thing work.

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Did you get a feeling,that he has some insecurities? Or you are saying this generally?

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You think he is in love with you but you guys cant go last steps.He might have insecurities or he loves you but wont take the step.