Mind Castle

A place in yourself where everything is stored and the magic is kept safe a place in your mind you built


Memory palace, it’s a real thing, I have used 'em, lots of info online. :thumbsup:


Just curious as to the purpose of this thread. Did you have a specific type of palace or something in mind? Descriptions? I like visual details.

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I don’t make anything forint of you.
I like your profile image same like me.
I’m apolgies for my reply.bcz i don’t more english writeing.

Place -envorment
Magic-own feeling reality
Safe- only diffrent killing and succide
Mind - that is my own ?
Please explain inbox bcz my stroy is depend on this Quote
E.A told
Left is darke,right is light, central soul…
So i’m say🙏
I applogies for my bad viewpoint.
Which plaec start my story. That place im going back today .but today i have some feeling diffrent.

I’m glad you ask well I cannot tell you what your place would be but I will give details of mine. Picture complete darkness now you see a red carpet and three doors you are at the entrance to my castle. Behind those doors may lay traps or the real entrance. So let’s say you pick door 2 and you want to take a look inside my head or attack my spirit oops trap door now you falling into a complete Abyss I created within my mind that you have no control over. You gave up that right of control when you opened the door. But let’s say you get past my traps here in my castle are rooms doors to my past, presence and future, memories, desires, fears. The thing is it’s your Castle in your mind where you can do everything where you go to study yourself and magic.

What I started doing is bringing my castle into the physical plane. That’s another topic

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I use this technique to memorize things. You can use things like object association to strengthen it. Basically make an object in your house associated with your mind castle. Whenever you look at that object like a door for example, it will reinforce it. You can do this for memorizing books as well.


Exactly I have did it other way I focused on a object here in this physical plane and put it in my mind castle so now when I close my eyes I see it also I hold it in my hand adds the sensory of touch to the equation

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I started doing this to a degree after i saw stephen king’s dreamcatcher. Only difference is it was a massive file library in that work.


Famously used in “Hannibal” (book & TV series):

And: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/illusion-chasers/hannibal-lecter/

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