Millennials think they are empaths now

Oh boy…


lol, they also think a great number of other idiotic ideas. I am not optimistic about the course they are going to set for humanity.


So did every other generation. In all honesty (my personal opinion) none of the generations are better. They all disgust me.


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Everyone is psychic to some degree, and there are also alot of unacknowledged psychic senses. But I agree, most of what people talk about in relation to empathy is junk.


where is WW3 when you need it?




I would say that at one time there probably was a generation that was better than the current one, but not in my lifetime. Also, it is not just a matter of perspective, either. You can readily find quantifiable evidence that each generation for the past 4 or so has gotten more lazy, delusional, and functionally idiotic. Music has gotten worse on a mathematic level, we are repeating horrid mistakes we should know well enough not to repeat all over the world and all of this is happening during a time when the ability to educate one’s self, communicate, and enjoy personal liberty has never been greater. No, we are definitely getting worse as a species; how else do you explain the above?


i hate it was people play it up with this pseudo spiritual bull shit, holding hands and talking about meh Feewins. II feel the pain of other in my body and I’m not a pussy


4 generations ago was WW1 and they managed to kill 17million over something avoidable, and their music wasn’t exactly Mozart or Beethoven’s level either so no I don’t see them as superior. Besides the ones who raised the supposedly worse generation hold responsibility for them.
Also they didn’t have a mass media programming them from birth to any agenda like these did.
Does it mean this generation is great, no but I cannot see the others as better because what they had to deal with was different.


Possibly. Does the previous not teach the next?[quote=“Woodsman81, post:8, topic:19246”]
No, we are definitely getting worse as a species; h

Evolution is required. Personal and without.[quote=“Woodsman81, post:8, topic:19246”]
Music has gotten worse on a mathematic level

While this isn’t mathematical related I’ve had older generation members NOT KNOW WHAT A RESUME IS. I’ve explained it and the response I got was “we already have an employer.” I tried to get them to give my resume to the employer.

Not a big fan of personal responsibility and accountability, huh? Every person here had the same opposition, yet here we are, not programmed and responsible for our own fate. I will make no excuses for the dross, so I do not understand why anyone else would.

To a point, yes, but at what point does that end and the reality of shitty people just being shitty people begin? As for WW1 gen music, it was indeed more intelligent on a math level, regardless of how akin to cocophany it may seem to you. There simply is no comparison to be drawn between jazz as an intelligent art form and Katy fucking Perry. Even Sousa had more talent in one pubic hair than she or her ilk do.

And if you think the masses were not programmed by media back then you are mistaken. They just had fewer sources to receive their programming from. They did, however, have a few things that are lacking today amongst the masses: work ethic, no sense of entitlement, courage, and integrity regarding the things they fought for, even if those things were not acceptable by today’s standards.

No, we are at the end of an era, and a turning point. Humanity’s history is littered with once great civilizations that fell into decay. Look at Rome or Greece. They were great, but repeatedly shittier generations that made repeatedly shittier decisions undid all the great work put forth by the previous generations.

We are no exception, and things are about to change, for better or worse.

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Not in every case. Had I fallen prey to what others from previous generations tried to teach me I would not have even close to the joy in my life that I have now. I am responsible for my education as an adult, and with it my actions.

Absolutely, and science has also done a fair job of proving our species has “broken” evolution. No evolution to be had there, and as species our spirituality is waning; atheism is becoming the cop-out for most not to be spiritual, even though atheists are capable of being spiritual.

Well that is an entirely different matter. IMO a resume is an absurdity in most cases and has very little actual impact on whether you get that job, lol. Only in highly skilled sectors could a resume be relevant, and even in those kinds of jobs nepotism is still the rule in many cases. The old timers had a saying that is still the golden rule in so far as getting a job is concerned: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”



Guess Teaching Liberation to EVERYONE…
Didn’t work out so well, did it!?!


But hey, the Warning was Payed.
So who cares the consequence…




And yet I’m sure if tables were turned, you’d probably feel different. We aren’t the same.

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Debatable. At our current point in history, not really, but you do have to consider the remote possibility that given enough time our species might do great things with the liberation so many take for granted right now. Things can still get better.


Perhaps I misunderstood what you meant. Did you mean you were trying to hand someone your resume, or that you were asking a Golden Ager for their resume?

People are indoctrinated into thinking you should be handing in a resume for any job you apply to, even if it is something mundane and requiring no skills. I used to be told to hand in a resume with every application. Do you realize how fucking retarded it is to hand in a resume for a job bagging groceries?

Yes, I have a pulse. Yes, I know the difference between paper and plastic. Can I just have the goddamn job, or do you have some Harvard grad waiting for this awesome opportunity? It’s a joke in many cases. On the other hand, if people need to prove how amazingly qualified they are to do menial labor then that is indicative of an entirely different series of problems which no amount of high end resumes will address.

Busy people stay busy in their business, lol.

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Lol. Well, you might not be Amazing enough to bag groceries. Where is that Super Enthusiasm, along with the “I will eat a customer’s shit grin at a whim?”. You see… You must be The Best at everything and willing to work extra for Free for the all-time low minimum wage.


I meant that.[quote=“Woodsman81, post:17, topic:19246”]
Can I just have the goddamn job,

Interesting. Do you know the new expectations for people looking for a job? I’m one and I was lucky enough to get the job I had and yet, I certainly have higher knowledge than most of my “generation” than most, with the test scores to prove it. When my coworker asked me if this was my first job when I was operating like I’ve been there for years and I told him yes, he looked like he saw a ghost.[quote=“Woodsman81, post:17, topic:19246”]
Do you realize how fucking retarded it is to hand in a resume for a job bagging groceries?

Sure. But it is what got me mine. Or part of it.


Bingo. Which is why reumes are a joke for many people, and an unfunny one at that. You are basically being asked to work for them before you can work for them, all with the possibility they might actually check your references because they don’t have a friend shoed in for the position you are applying for. Funny enough, though, I did NOT get the bagging job, lol, but I have no regrets whatsoever. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that gig, the boss just did not want me to do it, and in the grand scheme I thank him for it.

Also consider that a resume can be padded with lies and bullshit, as long as you plan ahead. I have gotten jobs using employment references from companies I never worked for, but I had friends in supervisor positions that made me sound great. That resume sure helped that employer make an informed decision, lol.

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