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Should we say the soul’s name where the X is written? Or is it pronounced like that directly? @Mike_Bee

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Example: Astaroth Kama Astaroth kala


Thxx this was very helpful


@wildweaselmw yes @Vince is correct


How to I banish or get rid of an imposter spirit that is coming through during my evocation? During evocation last night it came through using my handwriting and obviously using information I know, and even doodling images I drew as a child in my handwriting I had as a child. It doesn’t give me a sigil verification upon request. I feel like it’s blocking me and it is quite frustrating.


Commanding voice walk in a circle while staying May every ghost shadow and shell leave this place and never return…3 times as in walk in a circle 3 times while staying that.

Then LBRP also in a commanding authoritative voice with the intention of banishing everything.

You may also might a candle and incense with the intention of banishing anything and everything.


Author Update 6-18-22
Pro Tip - Before you begin your ceremony I suggest you play the spirits enns in the background on your phone. The time it takes you to set up you can be chanting the enns along with what’s playing in the background. Continue the enns through your opening and banishments and preliminaries. This willmake the spirit manifest much much faster.

If the spirit has no enns then simply chant it’s name, vibrate also to draw the spirit near.


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