Migraines that last over three days

So I want to start with I am not doing any heavier work then normal.

I woke up again like this I have a migraine so bad I am physically ill. I have a migraine medication to use that normally works and it isn’t touching it. This is the first time in over a year I have had a migraine that has made me want to sleep all day or be so sick.

I know there was a super moon last night so I wonder if that is linked.

Nothing touches it. Pills, oils, herbs… If I get near anything that has to do with Magick it gets worse too which I found odd. Even if I have a vision it hurts. This is the oddest migraine cluster I have ever had.


I suggest getting a checkup! In these days a migraine is alarming…

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No other signs and a bout a year ago I had one that was in my eyes only which is why I have medication. I have been on stay at home for three and a half weeks now. (High risk anyway I have Lupus). It literally started right after an event in my Keri’s always life.

how do you feel about someone else doing healing magick for you?

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What kind of healing?

Healing candle spell and Reiki if you’re interested :woman_shrugging: thats what I know

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Maybe you are dehydrated.


That’s could help. I hate taking the migraine pills, but I am to the point that I need to call in work and with being in my first 90 days I’ll lose my job.

I thought that too but I have drank so much water that I am clear now :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

Would you mind sending me your name and birthday? I’ll work on it as soon as I get some privacy today

Hmmm migraines are not a normal thing it can be a hint of gastro-intestine problems but also might be small strokes. Best would be to clear it up and do a full medical check up

OH MY GOD SAME. I thought I was alone! The past two nights I’ve had a horrible migraines. The worst I’ve had in my life. Magick seems to make it worse too! Its so bizarre. IDK. I’ve been working in isolation from home for over 3 weeks so the odds of it being Corona are slim.