Migraine and headaches from third eye

I’ve been doing these exercises and trying to decalsify pineal gland, and now I got this migraine headache that aspirin isn’t fixing.
Is this normal to carry on or a strong stop signal here.
Like this is annoying and I’ve asked powerful spirits to help me with this as well.
Anyone had this or had experience doing it this way.
I don’t want to quit if it means I’m close and just need to push through but this is still unfamiliar territory for me.


Each person is different when it comes to side effects. I get migraines very often, more so when I do any kind of ritual work. Shaman sickness may be something to look into but my advice would be to take note of when they happen. Is it the ritual causing it? is it something in the ritual causing it or is it simply a side effect. or it may be completely unrelated.

Many factors.


A lot of people actually experience headaches from working with and opening the third eye. This, if it’s applicable, means you’re opening it correctly or theirs excess energy built up in your third eye. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just take a break for the day.

^thats one thing to consider.

Also take into consideration what @asbjorntorvol said, he isn’t wrong either.


Sorry, I know this is a little off topic but I have to ask: What are the exercises you are doing? I am doing kundalini yoga but I was told to stop IMMEDIATElY just a few moments ago by my god/demon master. Maybe it was to stop the mantras, not sure, but I thought it was synchronistic that you posted this and it’s the first thing I saw.

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A few different exercises both Hindu mantras as well as ones from lhp practitioners. Before it was just tingling there and didn’t last, I’ll wait carry on a few days and take more notes during ritual to specify the cause.