Midsommar from a LHP perspective (spoilers)

So I got it right from King Paimon that the movie Hereditary made him happy because it made more people interested in summoning demons, especially him. And yeah, I’ve personally talked to people who said they wanted to try summoning Paimon after seeing the movie and I have to be like “why don’t you try a lesser spirit first?”

So of course I had to see Ari Aster’s follow-up, Midsommar. It got set up as this cute pagan group in the Swiss mountains. What it ended up being was, of course, another huge nightmare. But it got me thinking… don’t RHP/Wiccans/pagans usually frown upon human sacrifice? Isn’t that more a LHP thing?

I personally don’t do animal or human sacrifice. I’ll use my own blood, skin, spit, piss, whatever, in spells, but can’t bring myself to harm a living soul. I think that’s a hold-over from my Buddhist days.

But the movie was interesting because they ritually sacrificed many people. First, the elders who jumped from the cliff at the end of their life cycle, saying they would give their spirits back to be given to new births. Okay, so, if the elders give themselves up, why did they need nine people at the end? Is nine of significance in such a tradition? And why did some have to be villagers (i.e. members of the cult) and some be outsiders?

I feel as if a lot was invented, it is a horror movie after all, but I wondered how much is actual practice. Is this something that still goes on in some pagan circles? Is human sacrifice still practiced? How does that fit into the whole “do no harm” and threefold law deal?

*King Paimon.

I can’t speak about wiccans and RHP, but I know that back in the old days many polytheistic religions performed human sacrifices, from the Norse to the Mayans. I don’t know how many pagans would follow that though, especially considering that they can face criminal charges.

In regards to LHP, I think it depends on the magician. There are a lot of LHP magicians that disapprove of human sacrifices.


Swiss mountains!? The movie is based on the Swedish, Scandinavian and Northern Europe tradition Midsummer and the location in the movie is in Sweden, not Switzerland. Even the title of the film uses the Swedish word “Midsommar”. Midsummer is a celebration of the summer solstice, the time of year when the sun is at it’s peak. It’s one of Sweden’s most celebrated traditions, more so than our national day.


As a Swede, I can share with you that we do indeed sacrifice people during midsommar, that is why we won’t climb in population beyond 10 million.

We do it to spite Denmark, because Denmark got good beer and sausage.

As a LHP, this is pissing me off, as we should be able to sacrifice people whenever we want.

ADDENDUM: I don’t like Hereditary, it was pretentious and almost made me summon the spirit of an ancient witch king relative to exorcise its imprint.

I just want to share with you my wisdom, you are welcome.


Misconception based on generalizations. Most of the people commonly described as RHP are actually moral relativists. Many pagans who are into resurrecting the old ways are totally into animal sacrifice. Probably human sacrifice to if it was legal.

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:joy: So do you sacrifice the Danish?


Good idea, should petition for it.


whoa, buddy, I didn’t know what that mountain range was called, calm down… I’m stupid with geography

lol yea just look up the name of the clown who made the movie and that explains it all