Middle ground for specific target attraction spell

I don’t really buy the argument “specific targeting with attraction spells interferes with free will.” People treat romantic and/or sexual attraction like a game. We are first led to believe there is a set concept in what’s attractive and what isn’t based on certain qualities, that only certain people have it or on higher levels than others. Then we learn that even if we aren’t the hottest person in the room, we can still obtain the necessary qualities to be considered attractive, or become attractive with other qualities, particularly our own. In other words, various tricks.

Let’s face it. Romance and sex is something of a competition. Whether between two romantic rivals, or with one person trying to court the other. Because of which, we use these tricks to improve our charisma, or as many people call it “Game.” Many of these hacks involve manipulation to some degree. Triggering an intended reaction or response, creating an intended perception, some form of influence over someone. Isn’t that “Interfering with free will?” However, so long as the one being influenced isn’t taken advantage of or hurt, they don’t seem to mind.

So like I said,some dating tricks deal with perception. A person, or object, can be perceived differently by each person. Someone who’s really smart may be seen as interesting by one person or boring by another. We use tricks to influence how someone perceives us and maintain the perception.

So if use tricks to influence a specific someone we are trying to date, can’t we use magick to do the same without resorting to mind control? Is there a way to have someone perceive us in a positive way, a way that is actually doable, and still be to them considered sexy and attractive?


This is also a question to ask all those “Pick-Up Artists” (PUA’s) like Mystery, Ross Jeffries, Roosh V, and Jason Capital. That use NLP (Neuro-linguistic_programming) techniques to manipulate women into having sex.

if its doable, King Paimon and Duke Dantalion will know it. Also try asking to intelligence of Mercury.

Pick up artists are often scammers. At least that’s my experience with them. It’s always that their techniques work for some but not others. Plus, many of them can be quite misogynistic. There’s usually some mix between “subjugate women”, and “pretend to be someone else.” My goal isn’t to subjugate, but to attract and get her attention. I don’t want to use shame tactics, but methods to excite and or intrigue her. I also wish to do this by being myself. Essentially ways that still hold some bit of honor or positivity.