This is something that I have suddenly become extremely interested in as an aid to magic, meditation, etc.

It involves taking very small doses of Psychedelics on a regular basis. I have done the “heroic” doses in the past and all you can do is hold on tight and wait for the ride to come to a complete stop. Lol.

I recommend you Google the term and check out YouTube also.

If anybody here has some knowledge on this subject as it relates to magic, please speak up!

LSD is often seen considered destructive in that it seems to break old habits and cycles. I think it’s the opposite, it’s extremely constructive, and the new systems it helps create are stronger than the old ones.

It would be great for anything new you want to learn, or to eliminate behavior patterns, create new behavior patters. Too bad it’s so overpriced on the darknet.

I know when you do the big doses of mushrooms, it will definitely take you apart and put you back together. The trip itself can be harrowing sometimes. But once the dust has settled, you are usually a better person for it. From what I gather, microdosing does the same thing, but at a much more gentle pace.

I’m wondering if the microdosing would help with a sharper perception of and better connection to the “spirit world”. One of the best days of my life was after a mushroom trip that was actually less than what it was supposed to be.


“We’re in the spirit world, asshole!”