Michael Ford: The Evil Twins Of Black Magick


• E.A. Koetting & Michael Ford •

The two titans of demonic terror have conspired for a full 90 minute interview on the most controversial subjects in the occult.

• Devotion to Darkness
• Revelations
• Reptilian Brain
• Rites of Blasphemy
• Origins of Demons
• Gods
• Sethanic Sorcery
• The Illuminati
• And a FUCKING lot more

Watch on August 21st - Interviews With A Magus

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For years, readers have compared E.A.'s and Michael’s work to each other, perhaps because they both focused heavily on demonic work.

Regardless, they’ve both always shared a mutual admiration for one another’s occult writing and discoveries.

We at Become A Living God are happy to present a groundbreaking interview between the two gentlemen, for our loyal subscribers.

This epic meet up between the two has been a long time coming!

Is this going to be a video interview?

Yes, all the interview with a magus interviews are videos. You sign up for a monthly subscription to view them.

nice! should be real interesting

staring at 2 pictures over audio for 60 minutes is hardly a video.

The majority are in fact video.

When it’s not video, it’s the guest’s fault.

If you don’t like it, unsubscribe.

I’ve learned so much from both of these guys! I cannot wait till this interview!

Looks good!

So convert it to an mp3. You’re paying to listen to the discussion anyway.

The majority are in fact video.

When it’s not video, it’s the guest’s fault.

If you don’t like it, unsubscribe.[/quote]

I understand. I was just asking if it was actually going to be a video. I like the interviews. My post was to clarify to TWF my first question which hasn’t been answered. I’m not complaining, sorry if it sounded like I was.

This one is a video, yes.

do buyers of other packages automatically get the subscription?

no, check the link to the interview series and you will see their prices, its well worth it i would say.