This might be the dumbest question to some of you but i’m being serious! So, I live in a house and we RARELY have mice. If we ever do, they’re always in the kitchen. Anyway, theres been a mouse in my room for about two days now. I haven’t seen it but someone who lives me said they saw it run out of my room and then another person said they saw mouse droppings in the middle of my floor. I was wondering if any of you have ever experienced anything like this after performing spells/starting to work more with magic? I personally think its something related to magic because this has not happened to me before EVER and i’ve lived in this house for years.

I wouldn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that it has anything to do with magick, because, well, mouse happens.

It doesn’t matter if you have “never” had them before. They are rodents, and they can come from anywhere. They roam, and can easily be nesting within a home without being seen. Just because you have never seen them before, doesn’t mean they have never been there.

I find too many people want to immediately jump to a supernatural conclusion for something as common as this, when that should be the last thing to consider.


Some ones lost pet maybe get a small cage n mice food…n cheese and catch it don’t kill it and see if anyone is missing a pet or keep it they make nice live familiars when using spells the fur can be used in revenge and curse spells

they can indicate (in a magical symbolical way) you are just wasting your time on unimportant issues
so in a way you have to ask yourself if the magical works you were making at that time were really important, or where you doing some work that is maybe more difficult in the making that in a way it wont compensate by the results, like making a huge ritual work to obtain a small task accomplished
anyway you must first make sure it is magic related