Mfwb * Notice*

Hello, everyone who signed up for magickal friends with benefits.
There were a large number of you who have signed up and vowed to accept the challenge.
Due to this circumstance I have divided you into two teams. It was the only way to get this done within a month. (And even still it’s stretching it)

I will be floating between the two groups and assisting where I can. Each team will be private for the protection of the group.
Each team is assigned a team leader. The team leader, is head of protection, security, and most common issuses that will arise. If they need me I will surface.

You will within a couple of hours receive your team name, your leaders name, a list of your teams partners and everyone’s days for their workings, and everyone’s requests who are on your team.

Each team also has a volunteer magician who is adding a boost to the groups workings. They are not asking anything in return.

Get ready for the adventure!


Sounds fantastic :slight_smile:


I will volunteer as leader. Vote for myself i am. Lol


Is it too late to join?

Received my list. My work is cut out for me.

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@Trigg, I have closed the sign ups but we haven’t started yet so if you tell me what your magickal requests are I might could fit you in.

Also please read the way it works here.

But you will have to read that and get back to me asap we start Dec 1


I’m definitely in. This sounds amazingly powerful. Plus I get to do basically a solid month of ritual. I’d like help with divination. I do tarot and rune readings and I feel it could help my business flourish. On a related note I’d like some money/abundance spells cast my way.

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You would help everyone with their requests, and they would help you on your designated days

OK. …no promises but I’ll see if I can get you into one of the groups. I will message you later today to let you know

Great work @Eye_of_Ra, I take my hat off to you for the work you’ve put in here! :thumbsup:


Awww…:blush: thank you ! :heart:


Alright :grin: thanks @Eye_of_Ra I appreciate it

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Sadly I am too late. Have fun you guys :sunglasses:

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Is there any chance you will be running this again soon?


Possibly. We just finished up 2 groups the first of this month. So been taking a break and getting ready to kick-start my goetia workshop.

I could possibly get one going again. If enough people want to. Maybe about mid February.

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Count me in. I have 2 things I need help with and I will probably do better focusing on getting stuff done for other people


Friends with benefits is a good way to go. So cool…

After I get my goetia workshop of to a good start. I’ll post and see who all is interested in doing it. If at least a couple people want to its worth it. It helps flex those magickal muscles and helps with focus and you get other magicians helping you. :slight_smile:

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If you talk me through it I could give it a go starting one.

Have you been here long enough to private message?
After the groups get set up they go private for the protection of the group. I don’t mind starting it up and getting it going. But I will need a motivator to keep everyone motivated to do the work these usually last atleast a month. And close to the end every one gets a little slacking. Though I will say my two groups did a great job staying with til the end.


Yes I can PM. Only been on about 12 days but this is the most I have ever thrown myself into something. Really excited.

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Ok I can make a post seeing who all would be up for doing it. If enough people are interested then it’s a go. :slight_smile: