Meton and incantations

Hi everyone,

Today I had the idea to evoke Meton, a spirit that works with angels often and supposedly knows their language. I found myself gravitating more towards working with angels recently rather than demons (I got the feeling after evoking Michael a while ago, I liked the feel of their energy). Anyway, I performed the evocation and immediately felt a presence, however, this time it was more of a communication rather than a direct evocation, I asked questions and noted down the responses in a journal.

One of the questions I asked was “where would be a good place to start when learning a spirit’s tongue?” I thought it was going to be hard learning it, you don’t hear of people doing it very often…anyway, instead of getting a straight answer I received some kind of incantation, what’s more is that I didn’t feel like I was writing it -it’s quite hard to explain, but I essentially lost control of my hand and it was scribbling marks all over the page on its own…I assumed it was him writing so I let it be.

Afterwards I looked it over and pulled this together:

“Atarae mutzu charatsa itu mans kael Odina-suru ichu”

Some things I thought of as cool were, the “Odina” was evidently with a capital or was bigger than the other letters, so that’s why I put it as a capital. The dash ("-suru") appeared to be important too, I was writing the sentence out and was about to leave it out when Meton said that I should leave it -it serves some kind of purpose.
I asked him what he meant by it and he just a said that I had to learn it in order to progress, however, he did warn me NOT to say it to demonic entities, from what he was implying it pisses them off -doesn’t do anything bad to them, just pisses them off I think, but I will definitely be calling him again to find out more.

He did also give me permission to share it, which is why I’m writing this. One thing of note, is that he called it “The White Power”. Then he started rambling on about corruption and something about fire which I didn’t really understand, but I’m still looking over the notes to get a better picture.


Love it. Thanks, can I get tongues for seeing visions on the air.

I know this is an old topic, but @Azael, did you ever learn the purpose of this incantation/mantra?