Methods of Servitor Creation

Speech is the supreme creating element. insofar as creating one it is only worthy for three reasons in my understanding.

that it be more powerful than any other entities you can call for the specific goals of the servitor. 

that it be a goal that only that servitor can fulfill. which is again unlikely seeing how many spirits beings powers etc there are

that it, being created by us be a creature of ultimate loyalty to us. which is probably the only real benefit.

Now the methods of spirit creation i know are as follows.

i close my eyes and just see spirits or receive their names sigils i can use. you. can also scry for this
you can think about what you want that spirit or spirits to do and then allow their name or names to just come to mind and write it down.
you can just directly imagine a spirit or spirits with certain attributes and receive their name or names
when several entities are summoned you may receive a name for them all as one spirit or as many
you may call any general entities by the general names of spirit demon god jinn angel etc and receive a name for that entity and it’s attributes. you can also use any energy of any spirit to create entities
you may receive names of spirits directly and automatically be it trough evocation divination meditation dream. etc 

you can use any kind of energy and just name it. or receive its name. like energy from the earth etc. the names forms may also come automatically. from the energy.

you can also create homunculi. let’s discuss this here. :slight_smile: i have the “codex homunculi”. let’s see what comes of it. :slight_smile:

6 this is the one that i have most interest in as of now. is to go to the astral or other planes and finding a high ranking entity that rules it’s own kingdom or something of the sort, ask it its name and the name of its subjects thus possibly receiving entire kingdoms of spirits. Just like Kingdoms of flame.

you can also create your own kingdoms and spirits in the astral.
having ascended to the soul or god planes to either use the soul records to receive spirit’s names or the divine light or darkness directly to create what you want. Specifically the darkness is key for this as it can indeed remove you at least for the time being from the influence or light of the creator. it all depends on your state of consciousness. Also you can feel that when belial is present, when he rages, the creator is not present. this specific fact is quoted in wikipedia also on belial" God is depicted as saying, “I shall not comfort the oppressed until their path is perfect. I shall not retain Belial within my heart.” Belial is accursed by God and his people…" “fornication separates man from God and brings him near to Belial” but this separation need not be pleasant or be good for you. take note and be careful " It also states that when the soul is constantly disturbed, the Lord departs from it and Belial rules over it" and as Bael spoke trough E. A. “you can only experience that which is real by entering into nothingness and forming it yourself” this is one way to do it to form it in the darkness of the abyss. or the light of the higher planes. this one probably claims the top ranks in efficacy. just as the creator creates with light. so are we creating everything around us every moment. Yaldabaoth said that the supreme Act of GODHOOD and of blasphemy against the creator is to leave this existence of the creator completely and make an entirely new one ,complete with as many levels and beings as you like even physical. for this it is said that the egsistence of the demiurge is cut of from the creator.
you can always just speak an intuitive conjuration or do the creation process intuitively as far as as what you feel you need to do and the energy that thus comes will be your servitor.

Now there are other methods which i know .
to astraly have sex with any other entity thus conceiving offspring
to summon two or more entities and have them have sex :slight_smile:
you can also have sex with humans and trough this form it. but i would think it is better to evoke spirits in this way. unless you need a new one.
and the grandest of all methods listed here hands down is to summon an entity or physically enough so as to succeed in producing physical offspring. :slight_smile:
or actually find a spirit or being that is physical but not human. who can thus impregnate someone. this is written in the practice of natural light. :slight_smile:

Now if you guys want a real servitor, your infinite self , do this prayer;
Everything about the servitor is in the video

you are All Very welcome to share your methods her as well. the more the better for us all. :slight_smile: thank you .


Magickal servitors by Damon brand is the my preferred and simplest method for creating a servitor. I have many already and they give great results consistently. They are great


Great. Hi my man and big thanks for this.