Methods of magickal practice

I wanted to start a thread for fun listing methods of magickal practice so we can educate each other on different ways and approaches to do magick because i know there are 1000s if not more then that of people who dont know where to start or what to do but for the sake of simplicity im going to create my own list of magickal practices to educate the uninitiated masses into the realm of possibilities with magick

  1. Candle magick very simple
  2. Poppets this is image magick using a handmade doll of your intended target. Semi-advanced depending on the fashion and outcome of your ritual
    3.psychic communication with spirits
    4.physical manifestation through evocation
    5 divination-also referred to as “psychic sight”, clairvoyance etc. Crystal ball stuff
  3. Soul traveling
    8 psychic thought influence
    9 energy transferrence
  4. Demonic possesion

People should really look into herbs and their effects on magic. It’s almost as if reading about medicine lol but yeah it makes things more logical.
Plus astral projection/Lucid Dreaming
Energy work/transference/healing