Methods of contact

Hello everyone, today I decided to make this post to learn their methods of contact with the spirits / demons / angels / gods and my experience with them.
1.Water: you can use a bowl of water for contact with any entity, you just need a lot of concentration and not be distracted by anything. There you should see a specific point but need to relax your eyes when you load a sigil.
2. Smoke: great method of contact, in my own experience is that you can have easier contact and see you invoke the entity. as a suggestion you must be susceptible and look out well in ways that leave the smoke. 3. pendulum, one of the most common methods of contact is a very good method but has several problems such as the pulse of the person, wind and other factors. I always put the pendulum above a sigil.
4.Coins: flip a coin and ask a question addressed directly to the entity you called is also an excellent method of contact.

Well, thanks for read that post and i expect your opinion :slight_smile:

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Finiz, well written and thought out. Sal