Methods for dream interpretation

I’ve been doing dream journaling for a while, then, at the end of the day, doing a brief analysis of the dream, based solely on intuition and first impressions.
Do you guys have other, more specific methods to interpreting your dreams?

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I use tarot.

Like doing a basic reading on the general meaning of the dream? How many cards do you use?

As many as needed. You can also ask for specific things about the dream.

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Intuition then I use numerology to confirm.
It’s tedious but it works for me.

Care to elaborate on the numerology? Seems interesting.

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Intuitively interpret your dream…jotting it down in your journal.

Now go back.


Close your eyes and replay the sequence in your mind.
Any person, object, color, etc that stands out to you for any reason…
Write it down.
Don’t try to make it lengthy or elaborate.
Just the first word that comes to mind when something sticks out.
By the end, you should have a series of keywords.
Using a numerical calculator/table… convert each keyword into its numerical value.

Look up the definitions for each number.

Compare the number’s definitions to your intuitive interpretation.

It’s time consuming, but for me…it helps when I feel like a dream has too many roads connected to it.

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That’s sure an interesting way to do it. I’ll try it out. Thanks man.

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