Method for Rising Kundalini

How I can raise kundalini?
I need some method for doing so.
Thanks in Advance

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A mild Right Hand Path method is to pray (but in Hermeticism, for example, prayer isn’t simply religious: it is an expression of Will) and adopt “good” life rules. Gradually the Kundalini serpent will awake and rise.
Aside from that, you may concentrate on the Sahasrara Chakra using its mantra AUM and perhaps doing like Gopi Krishna: a blossoming lotus, at top and center of head, radiating with light. He had some issues but it depends on the cases: for example sometimes I think that perhaps I should use just the extreme ways, and correct things as I go.
There is also a different school of thought: beginning from the bottom chakras in order to truly reach the top ones; the advantage is that Kundalini is “located” in Muladhara anyways.

Read the work of Robert Bruce and practice what he teaches.

If you want a method that does not require the chakra system, read the book Path Notes of An American Ninja Master and practice what it teaches.


Mastery of Focused Attention on Breath above thoughts and anything else.