Methamphetamine and talking with spirits

I don’t know if it’s appropriate to talk about drugs on here I’m not trying to glorify any unhealthy compulsion or addiction BUT I feel that the probability anybody on here has used at least psychedelics to talk with the Spirits is possible. I have a Question…has anybody ever used methamphetamine and have it heighten they’re awareness and receptivity to the Daemons and the spiritual plane? I feel I can communicate and perceive spirits and even some of the Daemons I talk with on methamphetamine. I also feel it opens up psychic senses like telepathy and clairvoyance and clauraudience but intuitively I feel theres a dark aspect to the drug and that the…vibration of the “crystal” can attract or carries some negative energy and a lower “level” of malevolent spirits as compared to say using psilocybin mescaline LSA or DMT or even LSD. I feel like it’s a compromise settling to use it when you have these other options available but I’ve been on a a big kick with it for almost several years now as it’s a very common substance where I live/in the world and I feel like the low availabity for psychedelic entheogens where I live is a reason I’ve used methamphetamine to kind of communicate with the Daemons. I’m sorry if this thread is inappropriate but it’s seriously been something I’ve wondered about and would like to get some input on and views from other people about how it effects them spiritually and the opinion on it being beneficial or detrimental to growth spiritually.


@6CrystalVision3 Are you interested in a Rational Analysis of your Decision,
or do you just want to wing it?


“Rational Analysis” of magick???
Or “Rational Analysis” of meth as an adjunct to magick??


Rational Analysis of the drug,
Magick is Infinite…

It’s like Analysing life and Death- depends on your Genes, education, interestes,
too complicated for me, I’ll admit.


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It’s like this anything used in abundance or excess is not a good thing. Plus, if you are constantly using it to communicate with spirits and or entities how can you be sure it’s a true communication or just a fabrication or side effect of the drug or sleep deprivation at it’s worst. I think when communicating with entities its best to trust your own senses and learn from them that way then after that if you need a substance to help you thin the veil by all means go a head and do it but do it wisely and not constantly because it can and will cripple you in my own opinion.


Does it work to help you make contact with the spirit work yes. Let me share Abit of UPG with you. Be aware that not all spirits are amused by this. In fact some will be offended.

Also drug use of this sort can actually draw parasites to you or tricksters or imposters.

My opinion the drawbacks don’t outweigh the gains. Your best bet is to learn to be able to make contact with the spirits without it. Just my two cents man.


More of the mindset, then a practice, ("…‘I’d’ associate…")
What’d you get from their material?
Jus curious, isall…

Curiosity killed the cat :smiling_imp::rofl:

I’d like to see things from your perspective, but I’ve never been that good at yoga :wink:

However Imo the only way to learn is do your own research then find a like minded individual and discuss.

You skip something, yeah nah not happening :smirk:


Imo you are the only one who can decide what is beneficial or detrimental to your growth within the occult, as are the consequences of your choices/behaviour are yours to personally own too.

We can learn from others experiences, but to truly learn we need to experience things for ourself.
Just my opinion.

Drugs alter your mind, your state of mind when altered is what affects your experiences. Does it alone open you up to spiritual planes and entities? No.

Can it help you do so if you are already well practiced? Yes.

But there’s a downside to it, what you experience is will be a enhanced deluded version of what is actually there. The drug will if anything make your experience 99% delusion and 1% legitimate contact. (Rough percentages)


Ok dusty D
So what do u kno of meth?

It’s never all I’ve got, however I have a list of those worthy of my attention.

My username holds value to me on here, so I would appreciate it if you showed some respect and use it when referring to me.

That question is not relevant to this thread and we shouldn’t derail it.


Any positive experiences using meth with “black” magick?

I have seen apparitions on it and energy and auras I’ve had clauraudience on it I’ve scryed on it before things like that it just opens my perception to that realm I think honestly some may disagree and I respect that but I have my opinion. It helps me trance when I close my eyes I get hypnogogic imagery and I see entities and different scenarios they play out or imagery or visions I like to do it and close my eyes to some music and sit back and watch the show. Its fun to me. Meth is a drug I like to do in solitude because I do feel it opens me up to another frequency and I like to enjoy indulging with that. I could be crazy but I don’t think so yet.


I found there is a level of reality one experiences while tweaking that is not accessible clean, shit happens when you’re tweaking that doesn’t happen in any other realm…:rabbit::hole:


So you would say there is actually a specific realm that it open you up too? Like meth dimension so to speak. Honestly that sounded funny. Meth demons

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It’s not that far out though. If one can create your own reality while astral projecting it’s not irrational to believe drugs can put you in a unique one as well. Not necessarily the same realm for everyone but a different one all the same.


Feels like that…who knows???


Meth and LSD in a .5 alka seltzer to 800 ug geltab ratio had me ego deathing then returning able to play more chords than humanly possible in melodic combinations on my bass i can’t recreate sober, saw mes in other dimensions make my bed for me, heard myself walking in what seemed like thinned layers between dimensions but every me was somewhere else slightly different

I now use this split kaleidoscopic loss of ego to connect with other selves doing the same thing in every conceivable universe that i exist in, i dont know how far i can take it but it gives me more strength all the time

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