Metatron stories

Why don’t people like working with metatron ,
I’ve heard so many controversial stories. Some say his great , some say his sexual , some says he makes you insane . There’s just a lot of myths and talks around him .

What are your experiences and stories about Metatron and being in contact with him .

He is definitely powerful and know what he’s doing. However I would say many depends if he wants to help or not, and always there is something in return for his help. Not somebody I work with mainly but I asked his help several times.

I only came across him a few times the one that sticks out is in one of the many creation stories of Lilith. Where apparently The Shekhinah & Metatron are the parent’s of Lilith. Quite funny if thats the case lol.

Metatron is cool. He showed me things.

But angels dont override your free will?