Metaphysical Shop

I think the three main incense I’ve found useful are Dragonsblood, Sandalwood, and frankincense.

You can never go wrong starting small with chime candles (and holders), or sometimes they’ll have pre-blessed/dressed herb candles, too.

And if you’re looking towards crystals at all, a nice shard of something like citrine or amethyst would be a great starter set.

Also, my metaphysical supply store also has cool journals that might make a good personal grimior.


I like them and The Black Broom too


Most metaphysical shops tend to be mainstream and have the basics. If you live in a place that has botanicas you can get some awesome stuff at those more on the hoodoo/voodoo/santeria/palo mayombe arena, but there is overlap.

I prefer Etsy to Amazon since you won’t get as much mass market products and things created by actual individual practitioners.

I’m lucky though since I am a creator and witchy biz owner that I do a lot of events or at least did pre-COVID so I know a ton of amazing artisans, crafters, and can pretty much find anything from exotic tea blends to flying ointments to handcrafted besoms to unique carved crystals… jewelry etc.


That’s incredible. Feel free to PM me some links haha

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Anything in particular you are looking for? Areas of interest? That would help me narrow it down a bit.

I always go to the satya incense first, then the candle section to restock! After that I walk around to check out the rest of the store and see if any books or crystals catch my attention :slight_smile: