Metaphysical rock band?

This is probably one of the stranger experiences I’ve had since I got into the occult.

I can go into deep meditation, and sometimes, it literally sounds like I’ve walked in on a supernatural jam session. Electric guitars, drums, bass, rhythm guitar, a vocalist singing in an unknown language.

We’re not talking about muffled, as though it’s having a hard time piercing the veil, I’m talking about full on Words and verses that are being sung in a language that I do not comprehend. And it sounds freaking awesome.

Where do I first heard this, I was convinced that I had finally lost my mind. Of course, we’re always told that we should drop mind, but whatever the reality of it hits, it can be a little bit overwhelming.

I know a lot of people have heard Angelic choirs, have heard demonic singing, but is anybody else ever heard of a full-on band?

Feel free to call me crazy on this one, I accept that I’m probably a little bit of crazy at this point, and that is a good thing, but I honestly have no idea what the fuck to make of this. Perhaps some angels wanted to play a song for me as a benediction to my God self, maybe some demons thought I would appreciate a gesture of my power in song, but overall, I’m kind of at a loss.


Maybe you tuned to Venus energies, as It rules arts