Metal Music God?

Ok, so I am passionate about singing. I have sang Sara McLachlan /Christina Aguilera /Selena/Gwen Stefani songs my whole life. Recently I was introduced to the band Jinjer and I am a person who does not like metal music but let me tell you I quickly fell in love with this band. Now with that being said I will be starting my journey of transitioning from what I am used to into developing the famous growl most metal music is known for through a vocal coach of course because there is no way I am going to attempt it at the risk of injuring my voice. So, my question is Is there a metal music deity that could help me in this creative journey? Any thoughts? How would you approach this?


Links? I’m always looking at music.


Awesome site. Not sure if there is a goth archives. I’m currently checking what i’m missing from King Diamond & Mercyful Fate.

Is another good site and I recently bought 2 Balun albums there through seller (mega cheap too).

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Satan, lucifer. Look at how much he is praised in extreme metal. I am also interested in this so let me know if you have any success.

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Any God of Music. Deities of Music aren’t limited to a single form of music.


Will do! I am absolutely fascinated by Tatiana’s vocal skills. I have heard other metal growls. But to me no one comes close to Tatiana. She legit sounds like a she has a demon take over her. It’s amazing!

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Are these deities practitioner friendly? I have read some horror stories if you are not careful.

Thanks I will be checking this out!

I assume you want more than just deities as some are naming demons rather than deities?

Idk why but for some reason the God Apollo came to my mind

To me demons are deities. They are Gods in their own right. They have been demonized by Christianity. So yes I welcome them too.

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Lol probably because he’s a God of the music arts too xD

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Indeed xD Well I’m sure that’d include all genres of music hehe

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Jinjer is awesome! First song I heard was Pisces.

That said, you could do a combo approach and use two Deities to supplement each other. One would be for musical ability. Another would be to help heal up and strengthen your vocals when practicing your growls and whatnot. There have been posts for musically inclined Demons in the not too distant past, iirc.

Nothing saying you can’t use Angels, if it makes you feel any better.

The band Jinjer - vocal and powerful instruments!!

Mine too! My favorite song is teacher teacher. I’ve also been listening to In This Moment and their vocalist Maria is pretty awesome too. But there’s something so distinct in Tatiana’s growls. It just sounds otherworldly. I’ve never heard anything like it. I wonder if she works with any gods/demons/angels to produce those sounds.

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They are all seriously talented!!

Any God of creative arts should do the trick, except maybe those noted as scribes of their pantheon, such as Ganesh (cool guy, but he isn’t s songwriter as far as I know).

Be aware: you’re not only going from one style to another, you’re going from a very simple genre (pop) to one that can be insanely complex (symphonyc metal; prog; etc), so it is going to take a LOT of time. So don’t go with unrealistic expectations.

You can’t play guitar like Malmsteen in a year. And maybe, you can’t play like him in a whole lifetime of practice.

Oh trust me I know! It’s a completely different genre and very complex. I did find a vocal coach. And we are both on the same page about taking baby steps. I am willing to put in the work. Any advice on a band for beginners? Lol.


There is no band for beginner singers in any genre of metal, but you can go with classics such as something by Queen (not every single song sang by Mercury is insanely hard) and from there take a look at any female fronted metal band. You’ll want to sing like Floor Jansen after listening to her, and that’s a good ultimate goal, but an awful place to start, since it is really hard and she sings in the absolute best band.

I have been looking at some goth bands so I can start practicing transitioning from pop to more rock. Although I have sang to garbage. I think they have a pretty good mix of pop and rock.