Metal Music for Meditation

I know people talk about using binaural beats and calm music for meditation, but what about other genres for this?


symphonic power metal

Orchestral metal is good if you have a really active imagination.

If you like things other than metal, you can also try epic music like the instrumentals in movies that give atmosphere and character to scenes.

Or electronic “new age”, typically inspired by African and Indian drum music mixed with synths, chants or poetry and general recorded loops.

I’ll use music of various kinds for all kinds of operations.

other genres will typically raise the heart rate. The music has a deep place for you, it might just increase your heart rate and make you less relaxed. Especially things with lyrics imo

For the most part it comes down to preference. I like songs with drums because when my heart rate is in sync with the music I feel more relaxed, even if it’s fast music. My heart will regulate its best to the initial rhythm and the rest ignite my astral senses in subtle ways. I understand some people like to have softer music but I get uncomfortable when I can’t “feel” what the music is saying, which makes it harder for me to relate to softer tunes.