Meta Warfare

Hey guys, i just evoked a Unknown Spirit named Mih-Ajla. He is from the Vaults of Zin in the qlippoth, above Thaumiel.

I asked him to sharpen my Warfare skills (astral, magical, and otherwise) and now i am drawn to Meta Warfare.

I wanna make sure I have the right understanding of what it is, so here goes:

  1. Meta Warfare is attacking or destroying Ideologies that a enemy or enemy group, regime, whatever, is based on. The Mental Plane of War so to speak.

Or instead…

  1. The use of futuristic Astral weapons/Magic that is way ahead of the enemies game to destroy them.

For some reason i feel that its 2. If it is…then booooooiiiiiiii its about to be lit as fuck on the astral plane! My Legions are gonna have some fun with this :smiling_imp:


Meta warfare plays directly into work that I have been doing. Now I have an actual term for it. Definitely pursue this. It is much more useful than playing whack a mole by cursing enemies. Because deposed enemies will always be replaced by new ones unless the spiritual source of that particular cancer is cut out.

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I see @Faustus
Lol that what im working on too! At least in my own life. Finding the Source of the shit that is fucking me over magically

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:thinking: but if your playin whack a mole with the hammer of war itself is the next one gonna wanna pop up? :japanese_ogre:

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Lol @Dinmiatus its the same enemy, just pops up in a different position
Every. Fuckin. Time.

I don’t want to detail who my enemies are, but it’s large scale. Let’s pretend it’s a movement of killer clowns. Through scrying or soul travel you find the killer clown egregore or whatever it is and either destroy it, corrupt it, or vampirize it, giving the energy to yourself or your allies. In this case it would be the killer clown counter movement.

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Ahhh i see

Like instead of going after each individual ISIS soldier, you go after Al Qaida who is funding ISIS instead (with time, energy, weapons, etc).

And thats just a scenario btw

Exactly so. I see it as much more efficient than stacking bodies. But you are going after the spiritual source.

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This is why the “hammer of war” :rofl: it break the whole machine or the enemies “root”

I am not saying wage war i am talking about wielding that force that is in rooted in the power of the gods of battle and war usually expressed as their weapons.

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Using this example what i am talking about would be like finding all the enemies funds and setting a match to it. No funds,no fuel, no progress.


Yall are fuckin geniuses :joy::joy:

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A military term just came to mind…
Its not reconnisaince, its something else dammit

My point here is not to engage people at all but the egregore or whatever that is driving them.

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I just took a look at mine (my enemies) and found out its like a fuckin Hive Mind with no ruler thats driving them

Found it

Like thr cells in a beehive

Ultra-Hyper Mega-Meta Verge Merging.

I’d be interested in hearing more about your experiences with the Vaults of Zin, if you’re able to share. :grin:

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You don’t fight the enemy, but you fight the spirit of the enemy.

The spirit of the enemy resides within you, fight the enemy within yourself that causes the enemy on the outside to manifest.

You win, you transform as Magus.


Target the passages. Doorways, halls, locks, basements/attics, disorganized and confuse.

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Go get it. If it appears large and difficult then will yourself to grow until you dwarf it. Then see how it goes.

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